tulum , mexico , day9: beach day, el rincon taco place, playa del carmen

weather back at last after a few overcast days , so went to beach middle of the south end by playa azul and stayed a few hours . really chilled , no motorised watersports , only 2 sellers 1 young kid with some friendship bands , and 1 with overpriced fruit [80 for some pineapple i dont think so] .









kitesurfers where cool , and in this wind they where flying [literally!]



and you can SUP [stand up paddle] too .


take out 40 seconds on the beach near playa azul area … !

for lunch went into downtown , if i want mexican i feel its too pricey on the beach , and i begrudge giving triple price to these resorts when i can be supporting the locals and eating authentic food . went to rincon chiapaneco and had fab cheap eats … 2 x chicken and 1 x chorizo empanadas , 1 x chicken tostadas , 1 x veggie quesadila , 1 x veggie empanadas , 1 x pineapple aqua fresca , 1 x bottle of water = 97 peso ?!?! awesome . gave a decent tip left full and satisfied . its just off the main strip next to pepenero restaurant and bar , right on the corner and its one block south of southern roundabout . its handy cos they have massive pictures of all the antonijtos and enchiladas dishes to choose from too .




went to el paraiso after lunch for a few hours , its much busier than the southern area . lots of vans and shuttles here with daytrippers who visit here for the afternoon as it is near the ruins . plus the day before good friday i guess a lot of locals where on hols too . someone said they had music ‘blaring from big speakers’ . not true , its very quiet soft laid back jazz and latin and summery chilled out stuff . nothing ‘blaring’ at any point . barely audible unless next to bar . was looking fwd to some boom boom too just for a change , but enjoyed the cool factor too , it felt right πŸ˜‰





back to condo for a swim , then got changed and showered and hit playa del carmen for the evening . stopped at pdc chadraui for loads more boxes of lucky charms that we cannot buy in uk . my case will be full going home lol . id already bought all the ones in tulum haha .


mostly toured 5th ave area in PDC . so young , so busy here , streets where packed – again lots of locals out in force . it was nothing like tulum . did some shopping ,


and drinking at the first floro dollar beer bar ,


and had great food at this israeli cafe called YALA . mrs robster had falafels , and i had shawarma [grilled chicken houmus etc] which id never eaten before . bargain prices , really clean , top notch salad and sauces to help yourself too on the bar , awesome service from 3 guys , and a huge fast turnover of what looked like regular people in and out . highly recommend this place just off the 5th ave strip . also on the same street was a german sausage type place , a swedish bar , an asian too i think , lots of diff cuisines .





as we left PDC 5 jeeps full of balaclava soldiers where turning over a locals bar . lots of heavy weapons and a massive show of force . was dying to take some snaps , but they looked total bad asses so i dare not as they all had serious amounts of weapons and mexicans up against the wall . we just put our foot down lol . never have i been to a country with a more prominent police presence . everywhere you drive there are checkpoints , soldiers and cops . cops cars and bikes everywhere , and even soldiers with massive guns walking around chadraui supermarkets etc . not just tulum , all over QR . absolutely mental . not threatening to us , but they are there in a huge show of force … infact we felt really safe here saw no trouble whatsoever . for example i mean small mexican town tulum and today alone i must have drove thru so many checks and cops ….. the adonis junction speed trap a few times , the bomberos beach/downtown link rd checkpoints , 2 lots of checkpoints into the biosphere stretch , a few lots of police along mezzanine stretch @ playas , lots of transito cops touring ‘CHiPs style on big bikes , the south end of tulum fire burning checkpoint on the 307, the north end of tulum checkpoints on the 307 , filter lanes and more checks 20m after checkpoints , some cops giving us guides to not being arrested flyers , cops on every junction and every roundabout in downtown , troops of soldiers in multiple jeeps with massive 30 cal weapons on armoured cars … wtf this is a tiny bohemian beach town and its like a war on cartels city . again , not unsafe or fearfull seeing them , they are just there , almost surreal . you have to see it to believe it . you get used to them being there tho i guess . drove home back to tulum and took 45 mins , such a simple drive …. past all the various checks lol


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