tulum , mexico – day 4: don cafeto, chilam balam, pepenero, mint, tulum square

had a pool day rather than the beach , someone in our condo street was getting married . despite 2 months in goa in dec & jan , this carribean sun kinda almost burnt me with factor 30 in 3 hours . sun is much stronger than goa was . just caught it before i really started to properly burn .


went to don cafeto for dinner with 2 of our neighbors in street .


apparently don is the local mafia guy ! got pickled veg bowl , super hot salsa and nachos complimentary on the table . the picked veg was really interesting , it had carrot potatoes onion peppers and chilies in it. tasted really good. one of our neighbors demolished a big chile and in 10 seconds later his face exploded , his eyes went bloodshot and glazed , even for a veteran chillie eater it took hold of him for 5 mins of madness . unreal !we had a table full of food incl chicken soup , beef fajitas , cheese and chorizo bowl , veggie tacos etc etc .







mexican trio played for tips .


walked along the strip passing some cool places


took a look round mayan hotel called chilam balam which had lots of mayan art in it






grabbed a couple of beers from supermarket and walked round to see village square with bullfighting ring next to it. walked into tulum main square – they had kind of huge mayan illuminated feature with many pieces which wherent there in 2009 when i last visited tulum . it made a nice feature but it was a bit cheap close up – imagine of you had a concept like stonehenge , but all the pieces dropped out of a cheap pinata party donkey beaten with a childs stick . still , if visiting at night its certainly worth a look .




went to pepenero bar and spent a couple of hours there doing shots etc , a live band played with northern african type of music . a guy called claudio served us he was ace . we had some of his specials incl rum shots which came with a slice of orange , ground coffee beans and salt which was a nice twist …. dip the orange in the coffee bean and stop … lick the salt , shoot the rum , eat the coffee/orange . certainly a new one to me … cool !



then went to mint bar , good on a saturday night , a wicked house dj played . heard some cool music . they projected b+w videos onto the palapa roof . gave out laughing gas in balloons which was a fun hit . only time ive known this before is straight from underground clubs in chicago !





got back to condo and stayed up till 4.30 am drinking . ruined .

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