tulum , mexico – day 1: getting there, cars, condo’s and taco’s

hired car americas / tulum car rental . $500 peso pd approx rtn tulum . didnt have a car but gave us a differnt fiat instead which seemed fair enough .


easy drive 1’30” to tulum from cancun airport , basically 1 road all the way .


condo is great , seems a bargain compared to other places here , cos tulum can be outrageously expensive . cost $75 usd per night and had a shared pool which was a decent size too , full kitchen , fridge freezer , wifi , 2 bedrooms , brand new gated complex , comfy beds , living room , main bathroom , cloak downastairs plus full ensuite in master bed . safe + secure . if you want the owners details just let me know ill put you in touch …




got here with time getting on so went to taco bar in downtown called el pastor chiapeneca – 4 chicken , 3 veg , 1 pork , 1 water , 1 coke = 76 peso ! about £3,50 VFM . so cheap to eat with the locals , basic taco is 7 peso [35p]



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3 Responses to tulum , mexico – day 1: getting there, cars, condo’s and taco’s

  1. Terry Lee says:


    My family and me are planning to visit Tulum next month and would love to get the name/telephone # or email contact of the condo owners where you stayed. You can email me at terryl@influentialsnetwork.com.


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