goa blog – day 42 – honey, anjuna, juice up, thalassa, airport reality check

anjuna beach tan session today as its my last day . gutted !!!!! especially seeing as everyone back home says its snow tonite . brrr yeh cant wait for that …

had a right result on the beach on my last day . got offered and bought more honey on the beach ! she wanted 500 a kl , got it for 300 for 1.5 kl as i knew i paid 200 a kl last time i bought it back early december in agonda at the start of my adventure . hard to talk she wasnt massively english speaking so i dont know what the story was or what tree like the last one i knew was from a mango tree . she had a larger bucket with about 4 times as much , massive honey cones and tons of fresh pure honey . result .



bazooki cow man was in the area


later went to juice up on the chapora river for ice cream sundaes and see the kingfishers ,


someone had mentioned it on tripadvisor forum . expected more of the sundaes ill be honest , all i got was 2 scoops of ice cream , and while it was ok it wasnt not mindblowing or a ‘sundae’ , but was good for a chill .


you sit outside on a veranda on the waterfront overlooking the big river . you have a view of the immense chapora river bridge from underneath . ive crossed this thing a dozen times over the last couple of months but never seen underneath and it really is a monster .


there was a fair few birds in 30 mins or so – a pair kingfishers entertained me for half an hour fishing , there where eagles , crows , buzzards , and about 3 types of pond bird also infront of you , and several diffrent types of sea birds etc flying overhead .




a rat came walking along the river bed scurrying around for scraps the woman throws over the wall . the scraps are mostly for the fish but im sure this fella helps himself to the pickings . quite a few fish swam in the water below that where dinner plate sized way to big for the kingfishers .


after here i went and bought a big bottle of honeybee and at 135rps its a steal ! infact oxford shops anjuna main supermarket has been a great one stop for money changing at fair rates no coms or cons , a bakery , fresh pastry counter , massive fresh to order pancake stall with all fillings , a huge selection of booze , world beers , branded spirits , and wines from every country . and just about every toiletry , grocery or gadget and also minor electricals . just a stones throw from starco junction . its the ‘go to’ place in anjuna .


for my final dinner i wanted a good un so did the bad boy mixed grill from thalassa . every sitting 3 times a day is rammed in here and the place seats hundreds at a time . see my earlier reports , pounds and pounds of fine greek meats . ive only ever eaten half the grill and that is with no starter ! good airplane dining for sure on the way home . youll need to book this place in advance to get a table . back at the hotel got talking to a greek guy . when i told him about thalassa he said it really is authentic greek , they import quite a bit like the feta etc , and the food is just like home . reassuring . the steak doesnt compare to sakara japanese round the corner , but where would ?!







returned ‘my’ honda dio back to valley of the gods rentals in anjuna . good job this bike cant tell tales cos theres been some right mischeif on this thing , it went well off the grid to random places , it left the road so many times , it left the ground on occassions lol , even left goa to visit maharashtra and karnataka . amazing what a little ‘twist and go’ chicken chaser can actually do and how durable they are πŸ˜‰


so … see you again goa – ive done so much but every day such random things happen here , and around every corner once you leave tourist places there are crazy things . caves , wall of death rides , travelled both ends of the state north to south , paragliding , trekking thru jungle , waterfalls , visiting mahashtra , watching capoeria and extreme yoga with 30 drummers at sunset , forts , temples, deserted beaches , boat rides , markets , incredible sunsets , outrageous parties all nite , massive rave clubs carved in the cliff and in the woods , the list is endless . this place is as good as thailand , never thought id say that . its cheap ,great food , perfect weather zero rain , the natives are amazing people , and you can pretty much do what you want and get in any state late at night and theres always someone else even in a worse mess than you haha πŸ˜‰


arrived at the airport and after being here for so long , living in shorts n shades , shoeless half the day , covered in red dust , filthy off the bike , dog piss on the sunbeds , just general goan filth all together [love it lol!] , if it isnt sun screen its aftersun and deet , sand , cow turd , and where everyone had tattoos , piercings , dreadlocks , beachwear 24-7 , where i hardly saw anyone english less than 5 in 2 months [ingoring 1 evening in candolim] , where everyone was younger or young at heart , my canvas cons footwear are pure red dust , everything is rotten with red dust , grime , bugs and suncreem . living in beaches , on bikes , dirty toilets , caves , holes , woods , jungles , fairs , markets , forts , clubs – all of it filthy …













so i got to the airport and one of tripadvisor forum users comments of “party central ? am i missing something , everyone in goa is old” hit hard . reality check 1 ,2 … . over 70% where 50+ . lots wore white clothing , young uns even had white diamante strappy high heels . wtf ? hair extenisions , lash extensions , false nails , faces full of make up , boufants . i was shocked …. this is goa , have you even been to the same place as me ?? it was another world . but some girls are wearing white linen trousers , baby pink stuff , tarted up in primark maxi dresses , and white fitted waistcoats from the races ! it was a big culture shock – i havent seen any this for the best part of a couple of months . then it hit hard … the baga , candolim and calangute package holiday or central goa all inclusive resorts places are a totally different affair to elsehwere in goa . from my point of view thank god ! but that in itself is probably a big plus for all people , whatever your into , whatever you want to get out of it , goa’s got something for you . unless you want dubai style stuff perhaps . goa is “paradise in a bin liner” someone called it , i agree . awesome place .


thanks for reading … tharobster .. exit this way >>>>


my last image of goa – airport security asleep ! cant wait to go back to goa , love it !


choosing your resort is key to goa wold be my biggest tip :
if you want a 4/5* resort hotel complex & go to central goa [colva, benaulim, varca, cavelossim etc]
if you want a brit package hol sunbeds n chips go to candolim, calangute, baga, most uk ppl go here.
if you want to follow the crowds go to candolim, calangute, baga
if you want a quiet chill out experience go to agonda or palolem [and cola]
if you want to mix it up go to anjuna / vagator – i love it here, my basecamp to everywhere + parties!
if you want to mingle with mostly foreigners on great beaches go to ashvem or morjim . or anjuna
if you want alternative bohemian yoga backpacker go to arambol , or anjuna . or chapora as a wildcard]
if you want to party hard with electronic house and trance go to anjuna / vagator or morjim / ashvem
if you want commercial more mainstream commercial clubbing go to baga .
if you want your own beach go to polem , galibaga , cola etc in south , or keri aka querim in north .
theres lots more places but they are a lot of the main ones .

see a special blog page on my site for pics of all these places side by side to compare

main blog entry url : https://tharobster.wordpress.com

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  1. luxury villa holidays says:

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation.
    I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  2. Nardine says:

    Loved your Goa blog, it was a bit of an epic read mate! taken me 3 days πŸ˜‰

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