goa trip – day 37 – tramp stamps , arambol sunsets , pigs and teso siolim

woke up with last nites tramp stamps on my arm from those 6am raves and a nice 10″ long cut off some wall or tree i seem to remember . head seems ok , im ready for more lol yehhh !


after detox breakfast in anjuna over anjuna beach


it was was back to arambol , was cool previous times so thought id have my 5th visit spent the afternoon on the beach catching some rays and walking round to the ‘sweet lake beach’ aka ‘wagh colomb beach’ .


see my previous reports on my blog for banyan tree , sweet lake and mudbaths] . the usual paragliders where there , quite a lot flying today on both hills overlooking each end of the bay .



this is the hill where people walk up , with guides and helpers carrying your ‘glider’ on their backs -again see prev videos on my blog


its a nice quiet clean beach , not commercialised really in comparison with its neighbours




apart from paragliders and about 30 sunbeds theres not much else on the beach apart from 1 sweet shop and 1 bar . there are quiet a few huts on the headland to rent , here are a few



nearing sunset i ventured up to the full moon bar where they have the sunset gatherings – ive done a couple of TR’s on these gatherings so do have a nise , theres some great images and videos on my blog .


had some food there and watched the eveing unfold . wasnt quite as many flea sellers , yoga or drummers as last time , but it was still a cool evening with lots going on .




the drummers started off and the crowd got going


one woman was kitted out in a wicked costume carrying her god . her henna and accessories where awesome incl a ‘headlight’ for the party ! love this woman !!








so many diff instruments again , incl digeridoo man


these sandcastles at night look like luna images


the busy end of arambol bay looked cool but was hard to photo



after that went for a drink early evening to teso in siolim and took some more pics . such a mint place this , and some of the freshest toilets ive seen in goa lol ! they didnt have the river lights on tonight as people where fishing on the tide at that moment. its a cool but expensive [in comaprison]




lovely place to chill with great music every time [see prev blog episodes] – not the usual techno and trance like most places in goa , cooler deep grooves . HEAR THE MUSIC TYPE HERE :

had a massive midnight choc urge so went to the starco junction in anjuna by my hotel for a late night chocolate brownie binge . was so nice went back for more and carrot cake too . absolute pig , just no need !

goa pig

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2 Responses to goa trip – day 37 – tramp stamps , arambol sunsets , pigs and teso siolim

  1. tharobster says:

    sadly no nick ;-( it was busy for the live acid jazz bands night , other nites quiet . but i enjoyed sunsets and chilled vibe with cool music on good sound system and went about 5 times maybe 6 for a couple of hours , as you cant really find that music elsewhere often . if you go to hang out rather than for a crowd youll be ok matey , unless maybe a big party night is on then it might be busy . it would even suit some older people looking for their ‘own’ little piece of luxury resort to themselves cos the music isnt pounding and its not rammed either . hopefully it will be busy over time when word spreads and they do some more parties .

  2. Nick M says:

    Teso looks tidy, but always seems empty in the photos I’ve seen.

    Has it filled up when you’ve visited?

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