goa trip – day 34 – all about arambol and great sunset entertainment !

went to a beach party in arambol today . it was in a shack called ‘jamaica new world’ and it was right down the southern end of arambol beach near ‘cabo wabo’ shack .




ive not been to this part of the beach before , its such a long long bay arambol . it was in memory of a dj called tobi – i didnt know him i just saw a flyer . had a tidy jbl sound system pumpin out tunes all day and various dj’s on …




and bang on the beach so you can hit the sea to cool down.




it was early in the day and it looked like it was going to be a late nite thing rather than a day party . there where about 50 people there during daytime . one guy really loved his skittle πŸ˜‰




the sand is soft and the water clear , but the sea bed has silver sand so it doesnt look as clear as it actually is . really nice beach this and its spotlessly clean the further south you go on the strip . the beach is wide and shallow for a long way out . not many domestic here , its all backpacker hippy spiritual travellery rave yoga bohemian types . a very eclectic mix . most of the way along there must be hundreds shacks all with huts to rent , all low budget type accomodation starting a stupidly low prices like under a Β£fiver a night .





as with all the goa beaches there are always plenty of lifeguards everywhere


watched kite surfers learning on the beach .



quite a hard sport , you have to fly a kite and skateboard at the same time ! the basic gist was learn to fly the kite standing on the beach , and when you have mastered that add the ‘skateboard’ bit in . not as easy as it looks ! i was feeling lazy today so didnt have a go [which i now regret] !




about 4.30 pm i headed off up to full moon bar area .


this is where the show is every day before sunset . get ready for one of the best and most entertaining sunsets in goa ! so many people come to tune into the sunsets




a lot of small traders set up a mini flea market right on the beach ! they just open a towel sized mat and lay out their wares . tea, bracelets , soup , rave gloves , stones , healing stuff , jewellery , incense , wooden carvings .. etc . nobody hard sells to you , its all very chilled such a laid back bohemian vibe




each beach is unique in goa – every beach has its own little thing going on that makes it like that . this beach comes alive around this time with the mini flea market and performers . it is by far THE most entertainment on any beach in goa by a long way . one russian [?] guy was demoing these small instruments . i asked him the name but it waas a hard accent to understand , but it made a boingy sound and was held next to mouth and was metal , about mouth organ length . i almost wanted to buy one ! i think they where about 1000r or something .

heres a walk along all of the traders showing whats up !

you really do see everything ; people in trances , extreme yoga which where mind blowing ive not seen that before – THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!!!!!! MUST SEE




hula hoops , juggling , fire performances , tourists , sellers , sunbathers , and capoeira martial arts type stuff [see if you like the music lol]

kite boarders , kids , paragliders in sunset , and best of all loads of drummers with a few odd instrument players . a circle is formed and people bug on out in the centre with various dances while about 20+ drummers play .








its fantastic and youll not be bored for a few hours that is for sure – it lasts for a couple of hours at least into early evening !

as i left i got a corn – grilled frshly on the charcoals , lime and chilli optional but essential for me . he tried to keep the hundred i gave him , then whe i said change he gave me 30 ! i had to remind him corn was always 40 . then he gave me the right change . oh yeh and petrol fella tried tried to overcharge me in vagator too . he asked for 350 and the first word out of my mouth was f off ! i didnt mean to , it just came out cos he was taking the mick too much . he tried to say the last guys 150 was incl in my petrol tsssst . i then paid him 200 which was my share and he got his head down . apart from anjuna market ‘soap in ear men’ in anjuna market ive not seen any scams so far but been carefully watching .


returned home to anjuna on the bike in the dark which is always , errrr , interesting . decided id try somewhere in shiolim for food again . went to ‘hang out’ , part of ‘la casa siolim’ complex . had a nice pasta [190r] , havent eaten pasta in ages . also gota bruschetta platter [120r] but they didnt toast the bread however the toppings where nice , it was 3 diff types tomato herb , tomato pesto , and a cheesy one . had a couple of beers [60 each] and it came to 430 . gave 500 and after 5 mins of not getting my change in an empty place i had to ask so bang went his 50 tip . on principal i hate that ! no creative money scams then they all arrive in one day πŸ˜‰



left there and cut up thru chapora centre on the tiny back road that hugs the river , past the little church but looks cool .


and past small old portugese houses , some in great condition


its always so busy here in chapora . its a tiny place , and all the bars are tiny too . its all based round a small central temple thing and a heaving packed out juice bar busy all day and nite for areason – excellent juices and dirt cheap . the bars are that small everyone drinks on the streets pretty much on benches . there is the ‘last hippie bar standing’ which is a great name , plus loads of others too . theres a lot of indy travellers and seem to maybe be some bikers here perhaps . unique little thing goes on here with a really lively atmosphere of connversations fills the streets . a lot of these places are busy day and night , sometimes absolutely packed . during the day the locals take shade from the punishing heat and play cards in the central shaded temple . something really different if you want a beer , you can people watch or meeet new people easily . its all very laid back , bohemian and friendly … and an absolute mix of nationailities with interesting tales ! ill do a pics/report in a day or twos blog .



ill leave you with more drum sounds from the beach – great little beach gathering and vibe so make sure you dont leave arambol too early like i did first time i went , it really comes alive late in the afternoon !

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