goa trip – day 30 – querim [keri] beach , bardo & marbela beach club

after breakfast fired up the scooter and it was off on a little mission to querim beach also known as keri beach , its the far end of north goa opposite terekhol fort . its up past morjim ashven arambol etc , and just before you leave goa state you get to querim/keri . the back streets remind me of south goa near agonda …. farm lands and tiny remote villages . theres some great views , think this was terekhol river



on the way its a pretty easy drive for a approx an hour from anjuna on the bike . you pretty much go the same way as if going to arambol but then carry on further [dont turn off at the shcool] . the whole journey north is always fairly quiet , maybe only 2 places you might get a junction with 10 cars at like at arambol , or by the fish market after the chapora river junction , but it doesnt look like candolim panjim or baga for example as they are very busy places . its an enjoyable scenic drive . when you near querim they have just built a massive new bridge over the river near terekhol , its tarmac top coat done and about 1 week from opening . you could actually drive over it now if it wasnt barriered off with a bamboo rod ! im sure the ferry boat men are gutted there goes there living shuttling people over the river each day ! its going to really change this area and what people can easily access when it opens . im going to go to mahashtra ina few days and cross the goa state border , shame i couldnt use the bridge – it wouldnt be as fun but it would halve the journey time .
although i had a sat nav , it is really well signed up here with little hand made signs everywhere which made life easy . the signs are different to everywhere else . this is the tiny sign you turn off for the beach .

on arrival you discover what a lovely peacful quiet beach it is .

apart from a several tourists walking the beach during the afternoon it was deserted at the north section ,

and not many more at the south end where a few beach shacks where .

you can drive so far along the sea front , on what was once a nice coastal path


then it kinda gives way , goa style ! so park up


in a half mile at north end there was only 3 other people … 1 european guy in his birthday suit and an older couple . its a long straight beach north side . the sand is really clean .


big trees line the coast and create a nice backdrop .


at the far north end there is the terekhol river where terekhol fort is . it used to be a fort but i believe it got converted to a heritage hotel .


terekhol is pretty much goa state border of goa . this is where the river ferry runs accross the short river span , and where the new bridge is about to open

they load you up


and set sail for the opposite bank


dont worry if it doesnt look safe [especially the “zebrugge” style car ramp on the front]


you can always pray !


a small mini bus arrrived with several people from an indian family way up at the top in the river end . guys stand in the water here and fish later on in afternoon .


at the opposite south end of the bay there are several stalls , a car park , and on the beach there are a few restaurants . there is nothing on the rest of the beach but sand ! this is the quietest goan beach ive been to apart from polem at the oppopsite southern end of goa state . cant wait to cross the border and see whats there ! hmmm


did a video of the journey from querim village next to beach thru to terekhol new bridge – youll see dogs, cats, puppies, buses , trucks , people playing volleyball , churches, people in fields planting crops, and the new terekhol bridge

then did a video from terekhol bridge to arambol . there are a few things to point out .
0’00” terekhol new bridge
2’40” a one handed rolling start while videoing , holding a sat nav between my feet , steering and driving , then holding the brake down so bike will start up . im not sure how i did all that driving on 2 wheels ! and again at 10’12” .
4’45” this guy with a load of bloody fruit on his head is just walking out no intention of stopping . i had to change lanes or hit him !
9’30” is the arambol turn off , or carry on towards chapora bridge and anjuna etc
END the end is all the arambol main street market shops

on the way back towards anjuna it made sense to go for sunset in arambol . there are huts all along this bay , and laods of shacks all the way along .




its really good during day here with lots of things to do like sweet lake, tree , shiva head , paragliding , kite surfing , etc [see previous posts on my blog]




at sunset the drummers are great and right outside the full moon bar , and along with all the extreme yoga people and flea market sellers on the beach



this place comes alive leading up to sunset/late afternoon .


the centre/main part end of bay is shack city , further south the beach gets so much whiter and nicer and less busy , while just north the extra sweet lake beach is a bonus beach/bay hidden round the corner from arambol headland . arambol main part of bay is wide and shallow and tide goes right out . took a few pics but but camera packed in half way to sunset . ill do a proper report and revisit in a day or two on my blog .

cleaned myself up a bit and got some light bites then went bardo club in ashvem . it was about half way home to my base camp in anjuna . bardo is a brand new ibiza style club [ive already blogged in previous days if you want to look back in my days posts or the special post on clubbing in goa] . its designer looking , white and modern , very expensive build for goa , not exactly some random shack but a mssive place . pools with dance platforms and big sound systems with tons of bass . they have live stages outside for bigger events , and an inside club too . best club ive been to in goa . they play tech house and progressive music from guest dj’s . most people looking eastern eu . see my previous review in my goa clubbing guide on my blog . brilliant nite and went on till 5am , none of this “10.30 crap” the goan gvt now expect to see . last time it was outdoor on the main stage , tonight it was indoor . both have big sound systems and tech house , progressive and electro .


the video s too dark but you can hear the music

and day 25 on m,y blog had my previous report when the live event and outdoor stage where running https://tharobster.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/goa-trip-day-25-arambol-bardo-club-in-ashvem-goas-best-underground-club/

for a break in the night i went to marbela beach a mile or so down the road in central morjim on the morjim ashvem main road . both places had free parties conveniently so you could come and go as you please . similar sort of place but its more of a day club lounge ibiza vibe and closes at 10pm usually . they have dj’s on and a big open lounge fronting the sea . everything is white . scattered around the big modern complex are very nice tents . they have all the luxuries , it isnt budget accomodation for sure . the whole place has nice furniture big white couches and all the extras . they also have a 2 story modern appt block too with about 10 appts with floor to ceiling windows , gadgets and modern living . you could be on miami south beach ! it is a really cool place this is , really fresh and clean . the more i see of morjim/ashvem and the more places like this i discover the more i think they are doing it really classy up here .


mb 2 the-beach-restaurant

marbela-beach 3 -resort

driving back was kinda spooky thru morjim down to the fish market junction and chapora river bridge . 4am in the morning with no street lights , 100% pitch black , all alone , going thru the roads in the jungle with nothing around can be a bit freaky at times ! too many spooky movies ive watched .

as i got to vagator got my second pull off the cops , 3 of them at a crossroads . licence checking at this time ? surely not ?? kept a cool head and after 1 guy spoke to me in some foreign languages for about a minute , he got no reply at all from me i shook my head , looked puzzled and pretended to not know what he wanted . i dont know if it was indian or but he persevered with me . eventually i thought ok ive had enough and said ‘english’ and he couldnt believe it . what was an english person doing round here at 4am on a scooter . we both burst out laughing , he checked my idp for 30 secs and let me go . decent bloke .

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7 Responses to goa trip – day 30 – querim [keri] beach , bardo & marbela beach club

  1. Simon says:

    Hi, nice blog. I am off to Goa in 3 weeks time – can you recommend any good places to stay around Keri Beach?

    • tharobster says:

      hi not at keri tho i remember smoe places on the south end, id be more inclined to suggest arambol is the place to stay next to it , youll have much more to see and do , and get a little scooter for flitting about a few mins away . you could maybe organise something for a night in armabol then find something when there ? arambol basic huts start from 300R a night up. enjoy ! ill be there too !!!

  2. srieya says:

    Goa is famous for its beaches which is attracting many tourists towards it. the white sand, warm water, swaying palms are the attractions of Goa. The visitors or tourists to Goa cannot return without tasting Goan fish curry and Sofiyai biriyani. The best food that one can get in Goa is Puffed rice and Mango which is a snack of Mumbai

  3. Gordon says:

    Ps That bif in my reply was a spelling mistake.


  4. Gordon says:

    Hi, A really bif thanks for your great blog m8. I was there ten years ago and absoultly loved it. I dont think I may ever get back unfortunatly , and so I really appreaciated your blog. Do you have any more vids one of you driving anywhere near the quernim ferry. I really loved the drive around that area (seeing the little shop on wheels at the start of your first vid was pricless… Thanks again.


    • tharobster says:

      SORRY I DONT HAVE MORE I JUST FILMED A BIT WHILE I WAS DRIVING . THERES A SIMILAR ONE SIOLIM-CHAPORA-VAGATOR-ANJUNA earlier in my bloggings ? sorry caps doh. glad you liked , thanks for +ve feedback .

      cheapest flight i saw this year was mid jan , a 2 day standby £208 rtn if it helps , beach huts from £5 p/n in arambol .

  5. mestreseo says:

    very interesting information, thanks.

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