goa trip – day 28 – anjuna beach performers , market , ozran beach

Wanted a different breakfast today / been tipped about a cafΓ© called artjuna , but when we went it was really busy , probably cos market is on . quite expensive for coffee and stuff in that artjuna too . so went to moonstar instead down on anjuna beach front . after that we went to the all day anjuna flea market . such a great place with so many sellers . picked up lots of spices , some awesome detailed cushion covers , shoes, jewellery . nipped to the beach and back quite a few times for a swim and chillout to break up the hot day in the stalls … its so handy being on a patch right next to the sea . we finished it off with the 2 live bands around sunset . such a good end to the day . music was bandy classics everyone would know .

earlier in the day we saw goas crazy beach performers . basically a young girls on a rope with various accessories like walking in a bike wheel rim , various pots balanced on her head etc . its a family show , the mother plays drums and holds a new born , the boys set up the ‘high’ wire .

all very slick . gave em a tip for the show/pics , but its amazing how many people run up to take pics and also sit there watching , smile and enjoy the show , then after the show when they ask for a small note they ‘vanish’ and wont spare 50p or lees – they would barely pick that amount up in the street back home . miserable pricks . so they pack up their kit and several mins later they are gone


it gets worse , some people arghh . this guy asked a bloke with the bazooki instrument and dressed up cow to come over and stop for him , play a song , while he took pictures etc … then didnt pay 20 or 30rps to the bloke , just put his shades on , camera away and earphones back in ! i really wanted a cow to come up and shit on him for that , sadly it didnt happen . karma would come calling for him hopefully soon , fingers crossed πŸ˜‰
a fruit seller came along , got some fresh goodies to keep us going . have you ever felt the weight of those baskets these women carry on their heads for 10 hours a day in the soft sand ? weighs a ton when they have the pineapple , melon and coconuts on board .

how to cut a pineapple on the beach with a machete !

hawkers galore today on anjuna , must be cos of market . pretty often gets like that on wednesdays with extra tourist and sellers in the area . still its not too bad really just a few more . and to end the day we had a herd of cows join us for the sunset . cool !




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