goa trip – day 27 – new years day hangover sessions

happy new year 2013 ! god what happened last night ? had to relive it thru my pictures to fill in the gaps . messy , buy you sure can party in any way you wish in goa . excellent , and happy NY13 πŸ˜‰

with this hangover it was a proper breakfast to try and soak it up . so went to cafe diogo south anjuna . got the bacon sausage and beans on muffins . and lots of tea and juices like bbc abc etc . any more booze it would have been rip ! after this we went to anjuna beach for the afternoon to clear our heads . anjuna beach detox sessions we thought , but NO , people still partyting and lots look wasted from last night , almost as if bedtime never happened for most – awesome work ! no signs of our Russian mate but we had his email in our pocket to send some pictures .




the cows dont look hungover tho



that evening we tried out a&p’s cocktail bar on anjuna main road . they always advertise bbq so ended up getting bbq chicken or prawns at just 150 with bread and a few sliced pieces of potato . an austrian guy runs the place . he wasn’t that busy but told us he had set up and was trying to find other ways of getting people in as he had only recently opened but had been In goa for many years on and off . could have done with more chicken , but it was ok especially for price . had no veggie food but was more than happy for me to eat and mrs robster to bring in falafels . seemed a decent bloke . I thought id support him as he needed business , but each of the next 3 times I went in over the coming weeks he was never there , and there was never a time when the bbq was on , or if it was they never had chicken or veg as on the board on the street . no wonder it wasn’t busy . funny thing is when you been in goa for ages you start to recognize faces from places and I bumped into him a few weeks later in chapora getting pissed in β€œthe last hippy bar standing” in chapora . I coudnt be bothered to mention id been back a few times with no luck , but if that’s how he [doesn’t] run the place its doomed . ill give it 1 more season … shame .

didn’t stay out late tonite , instead got some supplies in from oxford supermarket in anjuna .
great place for fresh pastires , pancake stall , full off licence/wine store , and every grocery or item you can think of is here , all the brands too . yuo can even get bugget’s

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