goa trip – day 24 – cafe diogo , tin tin , mango tree

another heavy night of partying last nite at ‘our shack’ meant we, needed some stodge to soak up the booze and stuff . landed at south end of anjuna beach approach road , heading towards ‘curlies’ , sort of if you where heading into the day market . its a place called ‘cafe diogo’ next to ‘whole bean’ in anjuna . the sign says its been there for decades . I had bacon , little goan sausages & heinz beans on toasted muffins with fresh juices and shakes . cheap place , clean food , and great hangover breakfast yehhhhhhhh ! sorted me right out that has now up for more action !

headed onto anjuna beach .

middle of the bay to a place called café lilleput . most days it has decent chillout or deep house kinda stuff during the day , but they can go a bit guetta in the evening eeeeh ! . some days they have a reggae sound system day too during the day . lots of loungers and beach service means you don’t have to do much here .


Saturday meant the beach was a little busier at the weekend like most places with Indians boys on camera phones perving ! they try and disguise it but it’s so on top ! they’ll photo anything light skinned – large small old young . one girl looked like she had just arrived , so white . I think she was French and about 16 at most , with her mum & dad . it was like a camera frenzy when she walked to the sea ! sunset time is often eventful in goa , even more so in places like arambol . today sunset in anjuna was a bit odd , it went really lilac the sky , quite unusual [tho it dipped behind some cloud towards the final moments] . there where a few tourists [not proper hippys] attempting some hippy thing . this was outside tantra huts . make of this what you want , but they where not proper hippies by a long way !


That evening we wanted to try somewhere different for food , so we looked on tripadvisor for somewhere and ended up going onto vagator main rd for food to a place called tin tin restaurant which had ok reviews . got there , wasn’t too impressed but seeing as we where there and reviews where ok . ordered the food , while we where waiting happened to glance towards the kitchen , it was rotten . snook this picture of the lovely ‘clean’ kitchen wall thru the hatch . nice .


Anyway when in goa and all that . so the food arrived . it was supposed to be served with chips , but I got chilli beef served with with refried crisps , strange ? they had taken normal crisps and flash fried them back up wtf ??. the mrs got hers , cant remember what it was it was that unimpressive , but neither of us where satisfied . very very average food , don’t bother going here . after that nearby was mango tree, so we went in for drinks . we got fairly ok cocktials , but what a dirty unorganized shit hole . really messy place with boxes of rubbish and food all over the restaurant floor , and the toilet located in the kitchen ? strange . bottles where stacked 6 ft high next to our table , and surrounded by about 8 fridges . what a mess . the overall feeling of tonites food and drink venues was filthy rotten . we decided that it wasn’t getting any better , we where fighting a losing battle so called it a day as we had been smashed the previous two nights anyway plus tomorrow I want to go clubbing in ashvem !

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1 Response to goa trip – day 24 – cafe diogo , tin tin , mango tree

  1. Jane Whitham says:

    Blimey! We went to Tintins last year. It was probably the cleanest place we went. Bit strange though, seemed like it was run by a load of brothers. One of them was in charge and he’s done silver service on a cruise ship. The others were a bit more ahem limited….maybe he’s back on the cruise ship!

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