goa trip – day 23 – fusion dreadful restaurant , massage , our shack .

mrs robster had a full body massage in asnath earlier in the week [see earlier post] so went back for some more reflexology today – again said the girls here are brilliant every time , and like my previous report mrs robster said it was again the best shes had . the thing she likes is its girls not pervs and all proper certified stuff , shes tried a quite a few but swears by this small place in vagator 50m from thalassa and keeps going back . foot relexology (30mins 300) , or full body massages [1.5hrs 800] seem to be her favs . she says its the best shes had anywhere incl thailand .

hung out on the beach then went to fusion for our evening meal . it’s a restaurant we spied the other evening in vagator a few doors along from thalassa and thought we would try it , its possibly Israeli ? it looks pretty upmarket , and is fairly big . everything else along this stretch has been good and the menu and the place ticked all the right boxes so we went in . we stood and nobody greeted or acknowledged us just walked past us and around us a few times , so we just took a table . eventually someone took our order and what a lame effort . we both ordered 2 courses but the mains came before starters which was strange ? we told them to hold the mains and bring the starters first . the starters where average , then the mains where served … the pizza had no tomato base was all cheese , and to top it off my steak had metal shards in it !!! I sent the medium steak back twice as it wasn’t cooked then found the metal in it half way thru eating . the waiters where ineffective / not arsed , and so we had to eventually call the manager and show him the metal . lame all round . no wonder they had 20 people , while thalassa next door is sold out 500 heads in afternoon and a further two sittings every evening too . I wouldn’t be surprised if the 20 they had in where just 20 ‘knock backs’ from thalassa being full ! I asked for our bill and they took off mopst of the food and wrote in huge letters ‘thank you’ in a real p taking way .i felt like shi**ing in the bill wallet before leaving but the mrs wouldn’t have that one , so we just left . so fusion , heres your review – YOU SUCK .

the irony is weeks later [without me first mentioning it] a guy I got talking to mentioned fusion to me , and said his wife had been food poisoned there last year . swerve this joint at all costs , just book thalassa and you will get what you pay for and more – thalassa’s mixed grill is so big you can only eat half .

our latest fav hangout ‘our shack’ [see my previous bog posts] on ozran beach / little vagator had a party night on tonight
lots turned up at midnight to party which then went on again wayyyy into the early hours . im on first name terms in here now lol . party on !








you can even stay in some tasty new wooden bungalows above ‘our shack’ nestled in the cliff . if you jsut wanna go and party here it would be perfect , but if not partying the music might be a problem !

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