goa trip – day 22 – bean me up , our shack ozran beach , shiva head

went back for a bean me up breakfast – apple porridge , veggie english , detox juices . this place is class if you like organic vegetarian foods [in vagator but some people list it as in nearby anjuna] see my previous reports here .

after breakfast we went to vagator area . its an interesting little stretch here by asnath massage up in vagator

various restaurants like fusion [might want a think before eating here I later found out, and have since heard from others] , terrace , and amazing greek caled thalassa etc [see prev report] , drinks at terrace which was really cool white bar with nice music and perfect sea views , our shack etc , clubbing at hilltop and nine bar [see clubbing post and prev reports], massage , lots of huts in at least a dozen places on the cliffs . lots to do hidden away in vagator that rarely gets spoken of . and that is jsut the obvious things , there are soooo many more too

we hung out for rest of day at ‘our shack’ beach club / night club / bar [see yesterdays report] on ozran beach .

you can see it at the top of vagator hill
it just sucks you in . we ended up staying right thru day
into night
its got great views out to see along beach with eu people in there thongs


theresa general good vibe here , cool , heres the views from indide the joint

you party alongside the usual beach cows

after getting some beach snacks we just continuing boozing , partying [lol] and clubbing till the early hours . it’s the kind of place you go and don’t leave . the music is loud all day and beers are 110 for millers . left here pretty wasted tonight ! what a great day / night .

while on the beach we just got a flyer for a new place in ashvem [next to morjim] that opens up for business tomorrow called ‘bardo’ , launching with a 3 day electronic music event called ‘krank’ , really want to get down at some point . if it is as good as flyer suggests it will be awesome if you like that ibiza clubbing thang . its bran spanking new and looks pretty expensive …. god knows how much the drinks will be here ?! [see later report when i visited – it was AMAZING ibiza style place with fantastic sound system that blows your mind with bass on the outdoro stage lol] .


I didn’t put a picture of the shiva rock on here yesterday from ozran beach [aka little vagator beach] . its right outside ‘our shack / club 21* ‘ and is carved into the sea rocks . every few days guys dig it out cos shiva ‘loses’ its chin in the tides sand ! heres a pic , so enjoy !




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