goa trip – day 21 – vagator, our shack & budgie smugglers lmao

goa trip – day 21

breakfast is important right now, still hungover from last night ! so we went up to ‘bean me up’ a few mins away in vagator who we know are superb when it comes to veggie , juices , and all things organic . they are in pole position with ‘blue planet’ agonda if you like high quality organic veggie or health food . they also have some tiny rooms too for rent . from anjuna starco junction it takes under 2 mins to drive up the hill to bean me up [see earlier report] .

DSCF0925 DSCF0924

we had apple porridge , veggie english breakfast , teas , and natural detox juices with bamboo straws not plastic .


after that the mrs went back to vagator a few doors down from thalassa . for a full body massage its 1.5hrs/1500 by trained women [see prev report] . she rates this place so highly .


while she did that i went down to ozran beach , also known as little vagator beach . what a cool little bay tucked away and unsigned and we have been passed this point over 15 times and didnt even know , wow ! theres a little scene going on here its cool . i wont big this up too much its nice just how it is without everyone going πŸ˜‰ plus its down a hillside on rutted steps and gravel a bit like cola beach in the south of goa . so you dont want to go there really [insert humour] as its hard work in that sun getting down to the beach hey lol


at the bottom of the hill is the smallish beach , about several shacks only , none partiularly amazing [except for one place] , sand was really clean and whiteish , sea is more swimmable than say anjuna . its a sandy beach however it has a series of small rocky outcrops that jut into sea , and bits of seaweed here and there on water line only , but apart from those couple of very tiny things its a great hangout and not over commercialised but with just enough there . sand is really nice too .



there are quite a few trendy people about – some eastern eu girls are really working it in their thongs and ugg boots especially at south end of beach .


dont get carried away , there are quite a few guys ‘working it’ too lmao . but give him his due he could whup all of us lot at bat n ball anyday , he does it non stop all day long and every day in those “budgie smugglers” ;-)))))


only 4 or 5 sellers operate with fruit , hot superb fresh samosas , and other useful stuff like really dangerously nice melt in your mouth fresh made choc or jam donuts each day from this guy . when , i quized 50 , he said ‘ok 40rps’ . still seemed dear then i tasted one and from there onwards gave him the 50 each day like he orig wanted . he also knows he could have probably got 100 off me each at that point as i was addicted . top guy ! they are always fresh , but ask him when he bakes as when they are ‘just made’ they are literally to die for ! [nom nom nommmmm]


the main reason we love it [apart from donuts] , along with quite a few others , is on the south end of beach at the bottom of steps theyve built this awesome shack . well its not a shack , its a full on beach club . cooooooooool ! its called “our shack / 21* beach club de goa” – on ozran beach , aka little vagator , near anjuna .


it more than a ‘shack’ as such , is a big building with mirrored exterior panels , and first floor sundecks with canvas skins , and has an attached club part to it too [opening jan 2013] . has designer huts to rent too in cliffside . its on the end of the beach you cant miss it ! class ! you should note access to beach and noise might be a constant issue if you decide on these huts , or wooden cabins id call them they have proper roof and beds etc . its noisy here till late each nite . if staying here tho how easy would that be to just go up to your room !? ideal for right person …. who likes to party in nearby hilltop 9 bar and our shack .


dj’s play all day most days , house and deep house getting tougher thru the evening into tech house by sunset . by the end of the night even some swedish house mafia type of bigger tunes and the odd dubstep trk thrown in and a helping of electro , occassionaly silly , but no trance . there are no commercial tunes played its all club gear and everything is sort of electronic club music . the sound is boomin all day with full dj set up and a mix of jbl , rcf and ev speakers . wanted me to dj but i was just on holiday this time so declined this time sorry mate ! the guy who runs it is really into his music . it proved to be a place we went to more than anywhere else each day …. all the best things are hidden away arent they … a great find !


the inside attached club part is called ” 21* beach club de goa ”


they have dj’s on most days playing right thru till well into the a.m. hours . we went several times and always thought music was best during the day/early evening , but we also went back 4 or 5 times at night too and partied hard . ozran beach was neat – not too busy , not too commercial , but good mixture of cool people and travellers and all diff nationalities . this place is bang on the beach .

bikes are so expensive right now , xmas fortnight is 400-1000 . found a battered one for 350 . nobody wants to know for anything , and literally turn you away for 400 . most asking for 500-600 . one russian had paid 1200 in candolim omg ! its xmas and ny they say , and until 5th jan they can get what they want .

tonite there was a weird piny lilac sky , shame i didnt get a good pic but you get the idea … amazing !


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