goa trip – day 20 : boxing day , thalassa vagator , anjuna market

its boxing day 2012 , wednesday , so went to anjuna market all day . again we got brill things so cheap . this is such a great market , so big and as good as some of the thai markets we have been to . dont go home too early it has 2 bands playing classics later in afternoon into evening . mad traffic jams out at 8pm as a car and cab had a small prang . some of the ice cream sellers dont have prices and try to charge 2.5 times more so buy from priced sign guys , lots of beggars here too , its noisy , chaotic , and hot bartering in midday sun can be draining . people walk up and tell you you have soap and stones in your ear and theycan clean them , everyones got something better and cheaper than the last person , bongos are thrown at you left right and centre ….. wow hot and in your face !


TIP : take swimsuits so you can take a dip in anjuna beach , its right next to anjuna beach this market with little cafes fronting the sands , and this is taken pretty much in front of market.


lots of food n drink everywhere . lots of bargains on bedding , spices , shoes , jewellery , hand crafts , loads of easy parking . its a day market and the stalls dont have lecy so close up at sunset but then bands kick in right next to the sea . my second time here and still wayyyyy better than mackies saturday market by a mile we thought . when we left i took one of my favourite holiday pictures , im sure a classic album from 70’s like ‘hotel california’ or something has a record sleeve is like this ?

we have been in this area for a while and tonite we thought we would try a place we have passed a few times and always seems to be very busy , ‘thallassa greek restaurant’ next to anjuna in vagator . infact its that busy we thought maybe there are big beach partys or illegal partys or some stuff we want to be involved in too , we didnt think all the fuss would be about ‘thallassa restaurant’ . nowhere up here has any more than 20 or 30 people in even this time of year xmas it just isnt busy in a way that the c /c/b area is , and its great ! quite a few have less than that , like 6 people at times . so why all the people here ????


walked in and its heaving , rammed out wall to wall . no tables , no chance . people where being turned away . so we started talinkg to who we thought was the owner whos a lovely greek lady from cofru originally …. 30 mins later with a stroke of luck we had a table . schwiiiiiinnnng ! omg new standards of food and service and cleanliness . we had bruschettas , veggie mousaka ,


and a giiiiii-normous mixed grill piled up so high on the plate [chops steaks burgers kebabs chicken …] served somlete with pita , a jug of sauce and all the trimmings .


100 tables and 500+ people 3 times daily afternoon and evening and night , the best cocktails and service we had on holiday . the sangria came out in jug sized glasses ,


and the marharitas had a bite and tasted like they should do .


i know the greeks like their meat [mmm] , but they have a massive veggie menu too . setting is amazing , viewable glass kitchen with uv insectocutors , chefs in full whites …. place is kind of high end appeal . nowhere else in goa has been like this , and nowhere else in goa has had so many people packed all day until 1am in morning – they travel for miles to come here apparently and looking at the crods we believe it too . booking is essential . everyone we saw in restaurant left absolutely delighted . mains 400-500 , and after my starter i had mixed grill there was no way at all i even ate half the food there was just so much meat and so tasty! cars bikes cabs mini buses eveywhere outside . ranked up there with ourem 88 in palolem as my best meal in goa .

heres a pic at 1am throwing out time !


finished with some late night drinks in anjuna , and went home drunk .. and fattened up nicely greek stylee πŸ˜‰

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