goa trip – day 19 : happy xmas from anjuna

goa trip – day 19 – xmas day 2012

happy xmas !!!

woke up happy , in anjuna . went to cafe lilletput with some ibiza chilled vibes in daytime and a youngish trendy multi cultured clientele , while the sounds from next doors bar where tech house .



had a superb afternoon drinking kingfishers and cocktails and hanging out in the sun till sunset . strange , it just doesnt feel like xmas day . 37* in the shade , and everyone facebooking saying its cold back home while watching titanic or something . cheers guys !!!


check out todays sunset , tell me the first thing that pops into your mind ….


basilico italian was our port of call for evening dinner . it was our 3rd time weve eaten here , and surely will be our last . its kinda ok , but each time we came here they got our orders totally wrong . manager appologised for the mess [again] , foccacia is dry , pasta average , pizza so so . its ok not awful … but far from perfect . lets say the venue is nicer than the food and be kind to the place . three times with wrong orders and food tho , not good for a place that likes to think its a cut above the rest . as we left the manager was tearing a strip off someone . eek . we left and drove round all the late night places , curlies party , shiva valley party , hippies , uv bar party , cafe lillieput party . all trance except lilleput which was kinda mainstream dance , and some tech house at hippies with a dj on . everywhere was open late and at least there was something to do at night in anjuna area past 10pm like in c/c/b . hippies is the usual tpe of shack on the beach , its got great sunsets , a loud sound system , and really high end vegas style day beds hahaaa !


its great to go as they always have music on [not trance] , the drinks are strong and nobody cares what you do . met up with a young kid working far too late on her own out on the dancefloor giving it her all . she joined us and we bought her an OJ . we asked the barman if she was connceted to the place , he replied no shes just a beggar ! she left a while later refreshed and with some small notes , playing with ice on a straw . the simple things ! after all “take what you need , give what you can” as the orig goa hippy saying goes πŸ˜‰


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