goa trip – day 18 : leaving candolim , flies , anjuna

goa trip – day 18


after a horrendous nites sleep in the ultra hard bed , we got up for breakfast at the hotels buffet which is in a very very dark room . my first thought was why so dark , what are they trying to hide . then it hit me – swarms of flies all over the breakfasts .

fly 2

while there has been lots of mozzies , we have commented weve not enountered many flies in goa , and it was obvious why – because they all lived here !!! literally swarms of hundreds and hundreds of flies over the buffet food and surfaces . and all over peoples plates as they actually ate . every table had about 30-40 flies on guests plates , food and tables .


cos it was ‘free’ tables where full of guests eating … how can they eat this dirt ? after about 10 seconds of being speechless we near ran out of the buffet without contemplating even eating here . the mrs baulked on the stairwell and said she has never felt so repulsed . that was it , we decided there and then we where leaving this place , and candolim full stop . regardless of having paid we just didnt come away for this .


we had paid the hotel in full with no refunds , we had planned out our holiday by ending with sunburn festival and partying in xmas/ny in ccb area , but at any cost we where out and everything changed regarding our plans right then . we decided to cut our loss and move . we asked 10+ sellers for bikes and still had stupid quotes mostly 800-1000 p/d , even knocking them down to maybe 600 at best they would let you walk and not budge . eventually blagged one for 350 which was really hot hard work and walked quite a way , plus it was a bit of a beaten thing . with the sheer amount of people who go to c/c/b year after year im sure there are good sides to the area too , i mean had quite a few restaurants i wanted to eat at marked down , but we didnt rate it … theres no space and too much egg n chips haha .

its busy and noisy on the streets and beach . calangute and baga seemed even busier than candolim and we didnt even stop , instead we twisted the throttle on the bike and passed straight thru heading north for breakfast , a bit of space , and to spend a couple of hours touring vagator and anjuna area for a hotel or guest house , calling into the decent ones to check availablility and price . it was so refreshing to be back to somewhere less congested , with different nationalities and attitudes . they have burgers like most places do , but its done cooler than the c/c/b


yes theres quite a lot of russians the further you go north , and despite some daft comments that ive read on some forums the they are great when you talk to them . there are americans here too , french , swiss , spanish , eastern eu and canadian that we have encountered . its doesnt have that ‘package holiday’ feel to the area . there are also a lot of travellers/backpackers and also people who look like theyve prob moved here with deep deep tans . and the natives are so much friendlier !


we decided we wanted to edge into vagator rather than anjuna , and hotels where £80 pn minimum for next 10 days [xmas/ny] for anything quality like spazio or ginger tree , places like living room , loueys , and others considerably more . guest houses where about 2500-4000 rps p/n . one pure no frills place had one for 1500 pn but no a/c and pretty skanky . we didnt check huts its not us really but there are lots near thalassa for example in vagator or ozran . found all decent hotels where so expensive over xmas / ny period ending jan 5th or so . it was much dearer on online booking sites too .


we only paid 4500 pn mid dec at the spazio resport anjuna , now it was 10000 . a lot where full at this time of year but we struck lucky , a guest house that was really tidy and brand new nobody had even stayed in yet for 2500 rps p/n in anjuuna with cable wifi fridge and a big new room . immediately paid a deposit and returned to candolim so we can get our stuff . the closer we got back to candolim the more we knew we had made the right choice . told the dirty Goveia Holiday Homes hotel it was horrible and checked out , really dont trust the slimy young bald guy on reception . id rather pay twice than stay here . within 60 mins we had packed , returned the bike , and got a cab north – ahhhh , great to be back to area that we orignially started in a few weeks ago . the cool thing was a russian couple where haggling bike prices in candolim as we returned the bike and being quoted 800 for a moped . we gave them ours for nothing after liasing with bike owner . karma we thought – and later in our holiday we where proven right . that evening we went to ‘hippies bar’ north anuna beach for sunset




and drank for as long as we wanted , with electronic music until the early hours on the beach with lots of fireworks , and if you wanted a big all nite rave in next doors ‘uv bar’ until 6am with 500rps admission . and not a red lion pub in sight – fantastic !









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2 Responses to goa trip – day 18 : leaving candolim , flies , anjuna

  1. Puneet says:

    Hahahha !! Hilarious pictures of Flies especially last one !! BTW I went to north goa in Jan 2010, and found Candolim to be the best of C/B/C !! Baga and Calangute– MADDENING CROWDS, Busloads of them.

  2. Nick Marshall says:

    good for you ! you live and learn

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