goa trip – day 17 : travelling north, candolim, indian music

goa trip – day 17

checked out of palolem , and cabbed it to candolim . cost 1500 bearing in mind its xmas pretty much seemed reasonable .


apart from one congested bit near panjm for 15 mins where someone had broken down , it was a simple journey


past some cool places , some falling apart



some in great condition like this church


past some lavish 5* hotels hahahaaaa


the usual families on bikes [this was a library in background near panjim]


lots of rice fields


and heading northbound on the NH17


arrived at gouviea hotel . ohmygawd i know this was a cheap thing we just grabbed unlike our previous hotels in goa as we just came to party not be in hotel over xmas sunburn and new year , but urgh you gotta be joking . lets just say if you like a hotel run by untrustworthy suspicious people, slimy concierges , a reception that tell you non stop lies while grinning, and if you like cockroaches in you room , dirty pool , swarms of flies everywhere incl kitchens and food , plus bedding and bags of rubbish and filth all over the corridors , then book here youll love it ! after refusing 2 rooms we dumped our stuff in a third , locked our valuables cos we thought we would be robbed by the staff , and went out asap cleaning our hands on the way with alchool gel 😉 so we went to caldolim beach . seriously ?? package holiday nitemare , oh dear . cant see the beach for beds – what sunbed rule im wondering ? soooooo many people . just isnt the one at all . its like being back in britain not india !! infact if you blink it looks like cheap spainish places with the rows upon rows of loungers all laying on top of one another as far as the eye can see , no personal space at all . this is a completely different experience to all the other 10 places or so we have been to so far .

DSCF1996 DSCF1997 DSCF2003 DSCF2004 DSCF2005 DSCF2007

on the way to the beach we saw it all .. ie food boards – it was liver n onions , egg n chips , pies , and when we landed on the beach what was flying … good ole union jacks . priceless .

u jacks

there was just no escaping it , and it all looks so cheap . where had all the goan charm gone …. there just wasnt anything left . we did our research and people on tripadvisor forums kept saying candolim/calangute/baga are great , and if you want classier and quieter of the three go to candolim . if calangute and baga are noiser , dirtier and busier than this i dread to even think !


wanted out already and ive been here less than 2 hours . after paying 200/250 for bikes in anjuna , vagator and palaolem etc , now in candolim now it was quotes for bikes at 500 600 700 and 800 per day , even with haggling etc they where prepared to let you walk , not interested in business cos its xmas/sunburn . i said to one ‘i want to rent it mate , not buy it’ . and the attitudes of people here , so different – lifes so hurried . ah well lets make the most of it or at least try – if ya cant beat em , join em hey ….. late afternoon went to ‘bending bamboo’ for burgers as it was the most recognisable name id remembered seen on tripadvisor that was on the main rd in this section . cant knock it tho , had a tasty burger … but had to eat facing the whole bulldog tats and pints of lager show , while shaggy and akon played at mach 10 volume level . the food and drinks menus seemed different to we have been used to so far .

actually managed to catch some indian entertainment tonite which was cool , percussion and instruments , vocals and dancing …..a tiny piece of excellent in an otherwise uninspiring place . i think they played mostly music from the rajasthan area . really enjoyed the music .


heres some sounds to go with the images

later went for drinks and a look at the beach in evening . it was hard to accept at 10pm everywhere on beach was pretty much dead and closed in that area . we couldnt hear any music . so back on the main road we asked taxis who said that was all there was and there where no places around to go and no fare . cubana club in arpora was only suggestion given . all the shops and most places where shut on main street . the ibiza cafe bar etc we saw earlier on beach was shut . candolim was dead . got some dodgy chinese muck from some forgettable place off one of the main rd sidestreets and contemplated how we get our holiday back on track at any cost . we returned to the crap hotel and the icing on the cake – a 2″ bit of hard foam on some plyboard for a bed – rock hard . the floor would be comfier at this doss house but not cleaner – there where a few ciggy stumps under the bed and various wrappers/rubbish that the cockroaches and bugs had befriended . this guy pictured had 5″ antennas – a massive flying alien creature ! it wasnt a great start here .,.


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2 Responses to goa trip – day 17 : travelling north, candolim, indian music

  1. Nick Marshall says:

    sounds awful. we had a day trip to Baga area, never againl! no redeaming features will never go back. I’m not tarring all Brits with the same brush but my heart does trend to sink when i hear British accents all around me.

    we’ve been so lucky staying in little vagator and palolem. if it’d been Baga we’d never have returned.

  2. Jane Whitham says:

    Haha just catching up on your blog! Really enjoying it; I think we share your opinions of Goa!

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