goa trip – day 14 : agonda blue planet , dunhills , palolem that bar

goa trip – day 14

went to agonda beach for the afternoon .

DSCF1279-1 widescreen shot [click img]

so it would be be silly of us not to visit the ‘blue planet’ veggie restaurant on the way from palolem again [see previous report]


this time mrs had a bean lasagna . other people in there ordered salads ,-  lets just say they looked epic salads !  all the food and juices where excellent and there was 10 people in there . some weirdo from munich whos apparently a kooky violinist and taxi driver [but just looked like a blown out 70’s acid head to me] caused a right scene in there upsetting everyone eating and the owners , shouting things about hiroshima , unbelieveable . anywyay the foods great there and owners could not be nicer = absolutely recommended 100% if in the area for fresh natural veggie food . outside the restaurant monkeys where in the trees so got some good pics .



while blue planets cat looked whacked from the heat and couldnt stop meowing .


arriving at agonda we went into beach and had amazing weather . im sure it was hottest day so far . at times the air literally burnt you driving the bike from palolem …. scorchioooo ! shacks are great in agonda – clean and classy , and the beach is ace.


a woman lay on the sand and 2 cows came and flanked her which was funny


late afternoon went and did a bit of exploring prepping for an agonda adventure tomorrow , went up on the mouuntain to see if we can see the ‘lost hotel’ we want to see tomorrow . great views and looks really moody in the jungle . you can just pick it out in the first picture below . more tomorrow on this one ….



we viewed dunhills brand new floor to ceiling glass deluxe huts.  more like condos . all tiled with contemporary fittings inside . tasty ! now this is a hut id definitely stay in !! 3 are ready [and occupied] , 3 more ready next week [mid dec 12]. at this time of year [xmas week] they are 6000 p/n . you get what you pay for – the bloke showed us inside , very nice craftsmanship and the new wood smelt lovely . sadly we couldnt book them as they where full for most days we wanted over xmas , however we where ready to move in and not go to candolim next lol ! im sure ill regret candolim next , we will see ;-o




shanti village huts also looked tidy too


the sun started to set  so i captured the ‘show’ over drinks

DSCF1753-1 2880 × 540 IMAGE [CLICK IMG]




we didnt end up leaving till about 9.30pm , having top quality cocktails on the beach until long after sunset after sunset 


then italian at dolce vita . we got tipped dolce vita by 2 people we ended up having drinks with , so ate there . wasnt that impressed with pastas [carbonara and arabiatta] . pizza looked decent tho but we didnt have that . owners are italian . we found it had lazy service , average taste , and our bill arrived with lots of money in it ?!! really , they want to pay us to eat ??  great ! must be another tables money . we gave them their money back and paid our bill , then headed back to palolem . certainly 2 different experiences eating today lol

alpha bar palolem had their headphones party tonite so we where right up for it . got there and there where only 15 people where in a 600 venue !  so we swerved that and went instead to the new bar opening called ‘that bar’ down on main st palolem 


with a seperate inside club part too . this is where everybody is tonite ! very busy place 1st nite opening . lets say ‘expect the obvious’ musicwise and be kind 😉


but the place was absolutely packed out , then we realised why …. FREE DRINKS ! YES THAT IS RIGHT …. FREE DRINKS ! bonus .


at least its a decent bar in palolem now .  the free drinks all night where – coctails , shorts , beers …. the lot . god did palolem need something more than silent disco once a week . theres zero nitelife unless sitting in an empty beach shack listening to dire straights best of or something . its quite a cool bar , white , mirrors , modern feel and the inside club holds a good few and at least it had a loud system unlike anywhere else in town .


i was suprised they closed the club early tho . must have closed at midnight but bar remained open with music till much later . hope its busy for them when they start charging for drinks . at least palolem has one funky looking bar now to go with sat nights big silent noise party !

there was a cool sticker outside that made me laugh on the way home


moon was really clear tonite , zoomed in and it showed the shadows on the jagged impacted crater moon clearly . yes the drink was free . hic


feel free to like , give feedback  , link videos to your social netoworks , correct any obvious mistakes or comment ….

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