goa trip – day 13 : palolem beach , bamboo bridge , april 20 restaurant patnem

goa trip – day 13

chilled round the pool earlier today after drinking last nite . fern gardenia has been a classy boutique base camp in palolem . lovely pool and gardens and creature comforts  . still not seen anything better round here by a long long way . had the large pool to ourselves all day , as we have a lot of days . so chuffed with our choice we extended our stay . it is a good step up from huts if you like your cable wifi and fresh cooked large breakfasts of fruit , omlettes , indian dishes , porridge , cereals , tea/coffe and fruit drinks. cctv cams on every room and 24 hr gated uniformed security in green lush gardens . great resort [see a previous report for more info/img].



mid afternoon we ate on the beach at banyan tree palolem today  both had thai which was fairly good , crispy noodles and all that jazz . service was good and enjoyed the brief shade under the trees . walked up by river on north end of the beach .


a low tide allowed walking to rocks and beach on opposite side .


from this end you get a great view all the way to neptunes ponit on the south of palolem beach


there is an amazing 100m bamboo bridge to the place on opposite bank of river . we where intrigued



sign looked interesting –  it was a restaurant and beach huts so the sign said – called ‘orde sounoar’ . its a suspended bridge made of bamboo rods to allow fising boats to pass under it – so ramshakle … so goan !


being near the river the usual boat trips offering to see kingfishers heron blah blah . like its the first time weve been asked that before lol yeh like on every beach . except extreme south in polem 😉


in the river on hte opposie bank theres a very unusual rock formation , like someone had neatly stacked a series of huge flat boulders next to each other . you can see the tideline on it too .


went to next bay southwards from palolem , called patnem , for our evening meal – based on someones tip on tripadvisor.com we checked out a place on north end called ‘april 20’ .


best indian ive eaten … rolled tandoori chicken masala with minced meat and nuts etc inside was lovely . mrs had an indian bean stew   . we scoffed the lot , and other poeples dishes like fish platters and stuff looked excellent . they had about 15-20 people eating and had free fast wifi too . most of the beach at night is fully candelit by all restaurants here and is so much more classy looking that palolem [not that palolem is bad , patnem just looked magical at night lit up] . had a stroll along beach , liked the places along there but pretty quiet in most venues . theres also a small steet with about 30 small tourist shops on it leading up from middle of the beach . as its a late nite party in palolem at alpha bar tomorrow we had a sensible one tonite , and went back to hotel to hang out . getting chilly now riding the bike the last few nights , once it gets dark and you go past about 20mph your really needing that hoodie ! its not cold walking round tho , thats fine . and of course mozzie protection is essential or you will ravaged in minutes !

check out palolem beach during the day from north showing all the way down to neptunes point where silent noise heaphones partys are held each week [which is in my report a few days earlier]

feel free to like , give feedback  , link videos to your social netoworks , correct any obvious mistakes or comment ….

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