goa trip – day 12 ; polem beach , galibaga , contigao wildlife park , ourem 88

goa trip – day 12

went to polem today , hopefully to see the dolphins but also for a blast in the sun on the moped and a trip to see the beach . think ‘secret beaches’ type of place , yknow them that people like to keep hush hush . its pretty much the furthest south in goa you can go before you hit the border or karnataka . took about 30 mins maybe ? hard to tell cos i kept stopping for stuff [fuel , water , food,  pics] . got a pull off the cops for maxxing out my goped on the 17 with no helmet .


he said licence and i got out my idp which was awesome his face dropped, i guess he thought ‘double fine’ time . i knew he was going to mention helmet next and sure thing it was right on cue . i played stupid , showed him they didnt give me one in ‘boot’, and said i was told i didnt need it unless i went to panaji . the other cop [a woman] said i must pay a fine of 100rps for helmet offence so i told them i had nothing more than a bottle of water and a license. after asking several times finally she asked if i was refusing to pay and i said yes . so they let me go . funny . first time ive been stopped in all the time ive been here doing all those miles in all the towns . i thought it would be twice daily stoppings . cool .


turned off nh17 for polem on blue street sign , did a loop and came out on the same rd 1/2 half mile down ?! so  i went back and this time turned off main rd and took the first gravel track instead . looked good on map. drove to beach using red gravel path like cola . at one point it was go no further and too impassible on a bike just like cola beach , so i left bike and trekked the rutted pathway down in the hot midday heat . eventually after 5 mins it was dense jungle stuff and for the next 15mins i saw loads of monkeys jumping from tree to tree as it got denser and denser .


tons of stuff was alive in that place but could only hear it not see most of it . at one point the floor was alive with white flying insects and each time i took a step they moved with me . it was like avatar the movie !

i knew it was a small beach but this was a crazy route in . just as i thought it had became too overgrown even for my adventure , i heard the sound of the sea and saw the light out the jungle . i came out onto rocks tho and not the beach – in the middle of absolutely nowhere .

how possible , it said polem but i could see polem beach about a mile or two away.


never mind for the minute , i had a drink of ‘fosters’ [well you wouldnt want a warm water??? ]


a much needed swim , and chilled out on absolutely massive sort of slatey black rocks in the sea , scanning on dolphin watch . saw none for about 30 mins. it wasnt where i intended to go , but it sure was nice there .


left my big rock to go back to bike and realised i didnt have a clue exactly where i came in . it was easy listening to sea as a guide in , but not back . after being sort of lost for about 15 mins in jungle i eventually picked up my trail out the way id come in . bit of sweaty hike back up for 15 mins and relief to see bike . had visions of swimming to polem for a while there haha . did locate polem beach after that , not easy to find behind bus stop and down a path and into the tiny entrance into the beach hut complex there with 3 huts or something equally as small . then you see this :


tricky turn off but worth it . to get there once leaving the signed highway , next turn off is unsigned and hidden on a 90* sharp bend , but once you know it is straight forward . after turn off NH17 [signed] head for a minute or two and look for that sharp 90 bend . thats the junction . youll go behind bus stop in shaded area , and bear left behind a yellow house into a bamboo fenced area . definitely best to go this way rather than the jungle LMAO . polem beach is nice for that lost beach feel


theres only one place there with about 3 huts and its associated small family eatierie with a few tables , plus a couple of old fishing boats and a familys tent on the beach


and a little river inlet was at one end .


it was effectively my beach , no tourists except couple from belgium i spoke to for a while on a day trip from palolem like me , but instead by taxi . i kinda understand why people dont like to give away “their secret beaches” , but i kinda prefer to pass it on .  if someone made all the effort like i did to get here then good on em , enjoy it ! its hardly round the corner from baga and theres nothing to attract a loud crowd !  and there are loads more like this too anyway .

so no people here on this beach,  but also no dolphins either .  i read they come along shoreline at this beach but i didnt get lucky this time . the beach is a lovely unspoilt gem and a great for a trip and chillout . its a smallish pretty bay , nowhere near as big as other beaches like agonda for example . it has the calmest waters of any beach i went to in goa , virtually no tide . heres another view , never get bored of this :

secret beaches ….  ….. aswell as polem heres another one …. as you leave polem , about a few miles further north there is a ‘one way’ sort of diversion round a hill where opposing traffic splits for cpl of hundred meters . its the only bit like this , its very distinct road diversion youll know it if your driving it . the name of the location –  im almost certain it could well be ‘galibaga beach’ [at the south end] . a little turnoff on this junction gets you to a gravel jetty with below view . there are other secret beaches too . i use wikimapia.com to load maps and find them on my desktop , a tiny sat nav gps sometimes [fujitsu n100 loox] to get me there , a moped for sure haha ,  plus lots of other online things like tripadvisor . great info out there if you google .

DSCF1549-13840 × 540 SHOT  [CLICK IMAGE]

you can pretty much see this from edge of diversion or bridge is a good view [as seen in video nr end] . its has a peacefull little river inlet . the bit in the mouth of river has a small beach / sandbank / desert island feel


it must be accessable as i could see 2 tourists on it when zooming x20 times optical .


slightly to the left there is a tiny hidden beach too . i didnt have time to check out as i was going to wildlife park , but its look great for a little nose about and sand looked really clean. i guess access is possible to both fairly easily . robinson crusoe type of thing im sure , the middle mound you see in video was almost like a little island connected from right , where other beach was on the left of video opposite this . shame i didnt zoom .

on the way to polem on the 17 highway id spied a sign saying contigao wildlife park so i intended to have a look around here too .


when you leave the main road you go thru a big overhead sign with pictures of 6 species wildlife



paid 20 admission , 30 camera , 25 bike and entered the park .


in a few hours i saw no wildlife apart from some birds and frogs despite travelling about 25 miles thru park! you see crocodiles the woman said – HA . turned out to be 1 x 2ft croc in a snake pen , next to 2 small snakes in a pen , 3 spotted deer in  pen . not even worth picturing ! nothing at lakes or watering holes .




sure as heck no black panthers , leopards , wild bore , jackall , king cobra , sambars , porcupine or bear as signed and pictured on main gates on highway !!! probably youd think at this point ‘crap’ , no animals … but just like polem it was a great adventure . even tho it wasnt full of animals , i still had a laugh – riding and exploring the various poi’s on your free map [which are also signed at carious places along route] ,

big forests with some immense trees,


some you couldnt even dream up


various old abandoned buildings way out into the jungle




climable jungle lookout watchtowers over the watering holes and lagoons




watch you dont fall from 20ft up , the ladders arent great and 15 miles from nowhere youll struggle with a broken ankle  ;-s



some of them are sooooo old



while others more modern-ish


you can see big fallen trees , one that looked like it had been hit by lightning [?],


strange unknown nests ?????


massive spider webs , even whole fields of spider webs even , a hidden cafe or two deep into the jungle which was surreal  , and crazy giant mushrooms lol

DSCF1595 DSCF1593

so many massive ant or turmite nests rising up like a load of red skyscrapers out of that red dust ,



its amazing what those gopeds can handle tho and boy did i batter it up long tracks off roading up to 60kph 😉    a quad or proper trials bike would be awesome here !! take a tank of petrol if you really want to go deep into a mission cos you wont find bottles of petrol on sale in here !!


youll be crossing for mile after mile of ‘off road style’ dirt tracks into rocky streams and random things .


you can also stay overnight in the park , i saw they had a few pieces of accomadation there from 500 a nite upwards depending on your budget . i dont know if this was one place , but i guess it may be ? it was deserted when i was there except from some ashes where a small camp fire had fairly recently been.


there must be some animals there cos there where droppings of various sizes especially round watering holes . and if you are thinking about killing wildlife for fun or ‘bone trophys’ etc [even dealing in this crap and exporting is an offence too] ,  ….. 7 years of your life wont be easy in an indian prision ill bet  😉


its all sign posted in the park corresponding to your paper map , and i only saw 1 jeep wrangler , and one small suzuki car of tourists in a few hours . closes 5.30pm . i can imagine birdwatchers and plant lovers would find tons of stuff here in this enorrrrrrrmous wildlife park ? so while there where no dolphins in polem or big wildlife in the park today , it was a brilliant advenure exploring into the jungles and swimming at cool beaches .

returned to palolem as we had our table booked at ‘ourem 88’


what a way to end a superb day. a sound guy called brett from croydon and his mrs cook high standard enlish food . i had goan sausage tomato bruschetta


and sliced beef steak with daphnoise potatos and crunchy and fresh green beans


absolutely gorgeous – the best quality food ive had so far rivalling the mrs veggie best from bean me up [anjuna] and blue planet [agonda] . the mrs had broccoli and mozarella soup


and the veggie rissotto


we ony left the pattern on the plates . finished it with apple pear and cinammon crumble and custard and mrs had tiramisu i think . its hard to get in so you might be turned away like us first time , so TIP:  book in advance , even thru his facebook he suggested . while we ate numerous couples came and left due to no tables . he only seats about 20 or so and only evening meals from a constantly evolving menu . upon leaving we rebooked for saturday ha ! insane …. all this food , plus several honeybees and coke and several beers was 1800 . talk about value and excellence . you must eat here if you value quality cuisine and anywhere nearby , great food great service great price considering . funky artwork like ‘banksy’ prints and various small pieces


plus with such a cool soundtrack of funk , disco and eclectic gems puts this place in top spot for me .

i know i keep saying , but bloody amazing day in goa again !!!!!!!!!!

feel free to like , give feedback  , link videos to your social netoworks , correct any obvious mistakes or comment ….

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  1. Jyoti says:

    Amazing, and many thanks for taking the trouble to post…

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