goa trip – day 11 : paradise agonda , cola beach lagoon , lemon pie , the BATS !!

goa trip – day 11

got a better bike today as last one had bum lights ,  250 in anjuna , but its been 200 in palolem from south end ‘seema’ near german bakery so a great price for late december  . one guy asked for 300 pah . fuel is 70 litre bottle or 55.7 in petrol stn .


went to agonda for lunch , went back to same place ‘paradise’ as we had good food last time.



had a swim in the ocean then we had a specially made orange avocado cashew nuts salad , pakora , and pepper garlic chicken . apple beatroot carrot [ABC] juice and various teas. great service , really nice place to chill and tasty food .



with all the sides too it came to 800 .


they have huts too @ ‘paradise’ , and ‘sonho do mar’ next door , and all the way down the beach infact .

DSCF1395 DSCF1396

while there we passed the agonda bats , by ‘bat palece’ shack . hteres a seriuos spellnig isue gonig on heer 😉


took some pics and videos this time too . they just hang there upaside down in the tree tops


they are giant fruit bats [or flying foxes]. jet black ‘capes’ and little rusty brown faces with dark snouts .


these things are massive and looking at pics close up sooooo cool .

bats close up

then they extend their wings

bat wong

and fly…. spooky lol .

after this we drove 5 mins round the corner to cola beach…well i say 5 mins but then its a mile or so off main rd along a bumpy dusty gravelly path to top of cliffs and steps and pathway down . its not too difficult really , just hot . a very fat russian guy had to stop half way up for air coming in the opposite direction to us as we went down – so might be challenging if your very out of shape ! only takes a few mins really and like doing several flights of stairs .

talk about nice beach with a lagoon at one end … WOW  … . visually stunning .



walked along to next beach too but the loungers and beach bar was only for guests . first time anyone in goa has refused our cash ??!!  beach bar was empty , 20 sun loungers empty . asked the guy for beers and got politely refused , as it was solely for guests . fair enough .


you can even walk further to other bays too . 270*SUPER WIDESCREEN LARGE PICTURE [CLICK IMAGE]


walked back to lagoon part thru the little stream & mini waterfalls [hardly ‘waterfalls’!] on the beach from the river inlet

and drank there instead


while sea eagles soared above


you can khiak up the laggon if you wish for 300 for an hour it was offered . seemed a tourist trap price that one ! im sure you could well barter it down .


this is one of the most beautiful places ive seen anywhere , developed kindly to the ladscape with 20 tents and some huts on the oposite bank . id actually say the development has made it more beautifull to look at , infact unique . MUST SEE PLACE .



DSCF1504 widescreen 180* shot

stayed for drinks and sunset . while agonda was our best all round beach we kept returning too in south goa ,  if there was one beach id say was ‘unique’ , its here . water wasnt swimmable tho – infact it wasnt just red flagged like a lot – there where ‘skull and crossbones DEATH warning’ signs . still didnt stop a russian woman from stupidly gambling with the undertows for a picture . just 1m out looked quite difficult to handle . dont go there  , the waves where really strong at this beach here this day , and waterline became deep just 1m out it shelved heavily by the lagoon .


back to palolem and eveing meal at ‘manveers kitchen’ – only cos brett at ‘ourem 88’ told us he ate there for indian , and knowing the quality of ourem 88’s food i knew it made sense ot try it out . had various indian dishes which where good , but highlight was tangy lemon pie . i have tasted the best ever lemon pie growing up , but this was the first time ever i can say it matched it . really nice – p’s all over next doors ‘german bakery’ nonsense . seriously check it out if you want a sweet treat of the highest order !

hoped for some boozing action with music on the beach , but palolem was dead tonite . beach bars v quiet or empty @ 10pm and barely any music . a couple of places had like 15-20 peaple , the rest had between 0-6 at most . after listening to the best of the smiths in ‘art bar’ i knew it was time to leave – hardly party tunes lol .

feel free to like , give feedback  , link videos to your social netoworks , correct any obvious mistakes or comment ….

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  2. Puneet says:

    Dude !! This Cola Beach looooks Amazinggg !! WoW !!

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