goa trip – day 9 : agonda beach , bats , blue planet veggie , silent noise headphones party

goa trip – day 9

went to agonda today , wow such a nice beach , unpoilt by mass tourism .

DSCF1287 DSCF1260

DSCF1279-1 widescreen

took 11 mins on a bike from palolem just going slow . 1 road takes you all the way pretty much . v v quiet roads too , very simple . we arrived at north end of bay and as you leave the road you cross a small narrow bridge


over a river inlet


we made a beeline for paradise huts/restaurant . most of the huts on agonda beach where pretty decent looking


had great poppadom massala , veggie pakora was tasty , strawberry and apple lassie , ginger and honey tea –  about 350 i think .


has a simple view of the beach , sea , lifeguards that you find on all beaches ,


and a few fishing boats ….its so easy to chill out !



theres some neat little huts up on the cliff face overlooking the north end of the bay , they look tidy and must have ace views .


paradise didnt have any beds out so went a few doors up to sea view and used their beds and drank there . lots of teas from 15 rps . heres a super widescreen 180* view up near paradise huts and shack , north end of agonda beach [click image]

DSCF1279-1 widescreen

the waters clean , and the sea more gentle than other bays


while on the beach we where offered 90min boat trips up the river for 300rps each [didnt go tho] . also a bloke and his kid came along the beach with a bucket . in it he offered us honey from a mango tree . it was whole chunks of honeycombe and lots of liquid honey in the bottom . he filled an empty water bottle with a kilo weight of honey liquid from the bottom of the bucket – talk about fresh !! mrs robster was chuffed . gonna store it in a cool dark place for the next few weeks .


400rps was touted but after talking he gave it for 200 which we thought was fair enough . he was so genuine we where happy with price .and we even tipped the kid a 50 .


was such a perfect day on beach , only 2 or 3 sellers for boat trips  a few odd dogs , a cow , few fishermen , handfull of tourists , one hell of a beach . compared to north goa it was calm waters again like palolem . the bay is bigger than i thought . best beach so far … for us anyway .

heres a feel of the beach from north end of agonda from the sea , shows the huts too

and if you want to get the flavour of the beach looking out ….

up the far north end its pretty neat



there lots of wildlife


its where the river inlet comes in , and the current is fast at times . [the one shown on above pics that the tiny brigde goes over] .


the fishermen keep there nets and boats here too tucked away out of sight from the shore here


they where just finishing off several new huts at the very end .


as usual in goa the women do the graft ! they carry the tiles on there heads while the blokes watch . hmmmm . i dont know what these huts will be known as , they wherent finished yet .


as we left about 4.30 we heard a right commotion in the trees . looked up and was very suprised to see hundreds and hundreds of bats hanging in the trees and flying round making crazy noises . these are massive bats . ive never seen them so big and during the day too , usually its just little things swooping round street lights etc . amazing . ill put more pics and videos up in my next trip report here in a few of days time [see that particular page if you want to know more] .


there is even a tiny hut [behind seaview shack] called ‘bat palece’ [not a spelling mistake]. they must always be there then i presume . never read anyone mentioning them . worth checking out .


a lot of people have asked where the bats are , how to find them , and one person for example said in 15 years visiting had never heard of this , so it mustnt be that well known . so the bats are north end of beach . from north entrance if you went over the very narrow river bridge from main rd they are in the trees on the left as you join the path alongside shacks a few shacks down on right  . if from beach entrance then go behind ‘paradise’ huts/shack [which had tasty food] . if from south end then once tamac ends continue along the red gavelly path and towards the river end and look for yellow sign on right saying “bat palece” [not a sp mistake!] on right . its one of the last things you see before hitting the tiny narrow bridge over river . youll hear them chattering away in trees ! see my report in a day or 2 for laods of pics & info

as we left we tracked down ‘blue planet’ veggie . we had read a small mention about it online so it was a must visit for us .


it was between agonda and palolem road , much closer to agonda and is a nice looking place , really clean . the lady who runs it told us you basically eat what tehy make and eat themselves . its open daytime and evening . this is a seeeerious rival for bean me up’ in anjuna/vagator !!


how to find : locate the church in middle of agonda beach rd , with this behind you take road in front of you t junction . travel several bends to next t juntion . turn right and its on the right a few mins along rd and on right [look for big blue sign] turn off main road and follow the gravel patch for a couple of hundred metres . youll see the odd ‘bp’ arrow along the path . its a big building . special organic natural clean quality food .


they dont have all the menu – but do have most things each day . the veggie and vegan food on offer is sublime .


the salads are absolutely HUGE bowls of freshness , and the health and booster juice and shakes [abc bbc] etc where baaad boyz !!! mmmm . worth the 2 mins drive from agonda for sure if your serious about your food . or takes 8 mins on bike from palolem on basically 1 road which leaves south of village .


later i got a pizza from magic pizza on palolem beach rd . got the tip of TripAadvisor , they aint wrong . italians are running this gaff , and thin crust salami was perfect . genuine pizza . 370rps . menu said they only use meats imported from italy . really good pizza this is . i later went back and had more food a few days later and equally as good .

finished the day off partying at ‘silent noise’ headphones party aka the silent disco in palolem [each saturday 600rps incl headphones!] ,


its a big place in southern end of palolem beach , it was pretty busy when we where there mid dec . you have 3 channels on your loaned headphones : funk & hip hop, techy house , house classics . plus there is music ticking over not too loud at the bar area where a lot partied too .  i was sceptical on how good it would be using headphones , but the headphones are colour coded active led’s depending on channel ,

phones light

and your red blue or green light will correspond to one of the 3 dj’s coloured lights that are spinning .


plus you can tell who is listening to what channel cos of the big light on your headphones . the dj can interact with his fans too by easily identifying them depending on coloured light ! they have usual traveller side attractions of fire eaters/dancers etc ,

DSC_0730 DSC_0731

various podiums , a couple of bars , huge led screens like at festivals  , decent snack food , and the drinks where not too bad considering at 80 for a small kingfisher and 100 for a brandy and coke . everyone was dancing , it was a big crowd that was here to party hard .


entry was 600rps . left at 4am closing very drunk . such a great party . it was busy straight away when it opened , but by 11pm it was really busy right thru till end on the dancefloor area


and in the bar area .


it was one of our best clubbing nights we had in the entire month . music was good too , something for everyone and it wasnt chart music nonsense like akon or kesha lol . the pics arent great as i only had my smartphone . but what a top laugh !


amazing day – AGAIN !

feel free to like , give feedback  , link videos to your social netoworks , correct any obvious mistakes or comment ….

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