goa trip – day 10 : cabo de rama fort , magic italy palolem

goa trip – day 10

had a nice hangover this morning . silent disco was great last nite . spent a few hours round resort and pool at fern gardenia sweating it out

cloudy head lifted then did lunch at german bakery palolem – horrible . got a club sandwhich which was filled with shredded mayo chicken scraps and ‘canned fish’ [quote waiter] . a club sandwhich with fish ? and why in a fishing village would you use canned fish ? spring rolls where filled with nasty chinese slop and so fatty and tasteless . the iffy thick batter was soggy with fat . cakes looked ok but i was over the joint – i paid for everything except the club , and left most of it uneaten . unimpressed . as bad as the cold chicken enchiladas with bones in cafe fiesta [cafe fester!] .
after that slop we went to cabo de rama fort just north of agonda . 


one of goas oldest forts was also a prison recently . it was a good nose for an hour or two . the outside had an overgrown moat and the entrance was thru big old doors .


a sign outside advised about smashing it up would mean you would be getting a £60 fine . nice deterent . mind you the 3 months was another factor to bear in mind – and i cant imagine 3 months in an indian prison to be a ‘holiday’ as such !


entry is gained thru the main gatehouse doors [as above]


and out the other side into the fort grounds



inside the fortified walls [which had so many stealthy slits in it]



and things that probably let cannons fire thru [?]


there was a church ,


about 15 massive old cannons scattered all around the large site ,


the date seemed to say 1906


various buildings to explore that are slowly being reclaimed by the jungle trees

DSCF1360 DSCF1357 DSCF1354 DSCF1352 DSCF1349DSCF1351

with kitchen and bathroom remnants ,


a faint old pathway or road runs thru the big open rocky field,


and old bits of fortified walls are spread out with various vantage points


large worn old steps


and ramps


lead up to huge cannon mounts


 in excellent positions overlooking the bay


if you venture further round the site youll find massive round stairwells leading down to the to sea front


and general bits of old steel supports and walls


you can walk on top of most of the walls


along coastline and glimpse secret hidden bays like ‘cabo beach’ nearby


and i think this would be agonda  [?] a few miles in the distance , vaguely captured on a zoom lense


and down into the rugged bays and open seas and spectacular coastlines


 you can see the odd fisherman if your lucky


just keep following the walls  – burns off that booze in the afternoon heat .


maybe someone can tell me what this is – poles with a soft top – too narrow to sleep on , too high to sit on , too small to shelter from the sun … hmmm ?


and after circling the whole complex on the walls etc , you come back to the start


saw 2 or 3 groups of a few tourists there in the whole large complex , not busy . took about 30 mins on bike from palolem [via agonda/cola] which was a really nice quiet drive thru a few villages and not hard to find . plus it is signed too a few times . we love getting out on the moped you can reach some awesome places . they where cable laying from main road all along to nearby village for about a mile on and off – you know the deal … jackhammers and bare feet lol . and also on the way there where roadworks with lots woman carrying huge baskets of rock on their heads and laying roads . jeez tuff work and so that heavy one person couldnt lift – a man was needed to help her get them on her head . shocking – what is wheelbarrow in indian language ? i mean women with tiles on their heads on agonda beach was grim , but v heavy bags of rock ???? i must remember that next time i feel like not working . the women work harder than the men the mrs pointed out and i agree !

was blistering hot today poss hottest yet and little wind . except for 2 hours of v light clouds one day , weather has been 10 days solid wall to wall sunshine . accuweather.com said it was “37/97* [feels like 107*]” . i swear it felt like 127* !!!

tried to eat at ‘ourem 88’ tonite and we couldnt get in , totally full all nite. had to book for weds . menu looked intersting and the owner [a brit] seemed great and apologetic – tables looked like they had solid food too . went for italian instead at magic italy . the food was even more awesome than the pizza a couple of days ago… 1/2 chicken baked in romemary with mash potato which was absolutely amazing mmmmm . seriously , so so well made . all other tables seemed to have great food but the mrs veg canneloni looked like it came from a findus frozen packet and the wost presentation ever , so plain and sad looking . it was literally chalk and cheese meals . while dissapointed for her … mine was sensational !!! would love to eat again and try something else cos their pizza is bad ass too , but cant see her going for that tho based on tonite somehow . worth checking out this place [but aoid cannelloni lol]. id definitely rate this as best italian based on the pizza and chicken dishes .

DSCF1391  pic doesnt do it justice , cos id eaten half of it without taking a breath lol . mmmmm

DSCF1390so sad looking ;-(

feel free to like , give feedback  , link videos to your social netoworks , correct any obvious mistakes or comment ….

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