goa trip – day 6 : paragliding arambol , anjuna day market , basilico

goa trip – day 6

went back to arambol today , again perfect weather ,  nice little 30 mins or so from anjuna  . the roads where clear and journey was simple enough really on the bike crossing the big river half way on journey .


on the way when you are nearly there a local shool had a big gathering out in the playground . while the adults stood in the shade and barked orders . [sorry bout suncream on lense on those couple of pics lol]


the kids played with there hula hoops and danced to a bizarre soundtrack of ‘brown girl in the ring’ by boney m  …..  really ???? you just couldnt make it up !  plus im sure 7 year old kids would not be into that sort of music let alone the odd song choice of track . #dumbfounded


on arrival at the great beach of arambol , lots of sunbeds available same as a few days earlier .  on the next bay up [sweet lake beach] its an even better beach than arambol


they had at least 40 mostly empty beds for use infront of the ‘sweet lake’ -all lined up right in the middle of the sand [on tide line] …. the new 5 sunbed per shack rules clearly dont apply here !  heres a view of sweet lake , beach , and row of sunbeds as we made our way up – this is about half way up .


arambol brought us back for the paragliding primarily


we used goaextreme.com . michael [pictured] is a ukraine guy , decent bloke too and spoke english  .


on arrival a few local indians told us they can beat michaels prices etc , but to be honest i wanted michaels experience rather than the local 20 year olds . plus im sure he would have better equipment . you can book online with a discount but we just made our way to the beach and met him there – he arrived like bond on the paraglider after about a half hour wait ! its all very casual like that . its worth bearing in mind before travelling if there is a breeze as without that you might not fly .


to get here from arambol beach follow headland north around footpath thru stalls to sweet lake beach and meet there [see prev report on sweet lake] . after meeting youll need to hike a fairly steep hillside to clifftops . its a 10-15 min uphill battle on a toepath . while hot , its not hard but youll need a certain ability to climb up . there are a couple of nice photo ops on the climb . the top is a fab view – this is where you launch over the beach.


felt v safe , after a basic breifing you got strapped into a harness in tandem with michael . after checking all the ropes where straight with his helper , its was 2 footsteps into the wind and up you go ! as soon as you go up you kind of shuffle back your bum into the soft seat part … like a swing kind of . you do nothing but enjoy the ride , the pilot does the lot for you .


good double shot of adrenalin kicks in instantly as you lift to 150m over beach for incredible views of the adjacent bays down from arambol – mandrem – ashvem – morjim . you get a few lifts up to high altitude , then a few sweeps and a rapid descent . youre supposed to get 20 mins but really youll only get 10 .  its still enough tho and at 1500rps is a bargain . he claimed its pretty much the cheapest vs anywhere round the world to paraglide in goa . after your flight its touchdown onto the beach . you can take a camera [i video’d the lot] .

while the mrs had the smartphone

we travelled back to anjuna , passing an amazing banyan tree in a local town , just so big .


after arriving back in anjuna we hit the anjuna flea market [each weds] .


soldiers patrol with a variety tasty caliber weapons


did the afternoon shopping till close at sunset [they dont have lights] , then bands kicked in at sunset which played well known classic band sorta stuff chillis aerosmith acdc etc . the market is on the road that approaches ‘curlies’ , south anjuna beach] . this was miles better than the makies one in baga on sats for us. theres better clothes , jewellery , shoes , music and stuff and its massive . makies had more food [poss] but that is about it . it was more traveller-y feeling , cooler . while  the makies one was just ok ie same stuff on every stall [how many spice sellers does one market need anyway?!] . makies was shops , anjuna had one man small type indy sellers and more selection .


prices where cheap too – mrs bought loads of swag [rings glasses bracelets bags shoes various clothes glasses] . a few shops displayed prices [glasses 150 , 3 tops 500 , cushion covers 100, corn 40 , lolly ice 20] , but most where the usual tedious haggle bs . and every hungry charity case and one legged man was in town pitching you for cash !!!    tip :  take swimwear for a few dips thru the day cos boy does it get hot in the afternoon with little breeze in the market and the end of market is on the beach front – perfect !

late on had a second visit to basilico anjuna beach road . was fairly decent italian , pesto pasta was drowned in oil tho not good . peperoni pizza base was lovely , thin and authentic , but needed richer tomato taste and more peperoni [not even one for each piece] . left half the pesto and ordered another meal as it was cheap enough , the amatriciana was better . 2 large kingfishers, 3 mains, 2 starters and a red wine 1400rps . im not sure if i was back home id rate it or return , but as its goa it seemed decent all things considered . does have good service [as do most places] pricewise compared to home – well there is no contest lol.

oily !


stingy !


we leave spazio leasure resort in anjuna [near starco junction] , and move to palolem tomorrow . really great place to stay , quiet and away from hussle n bussle of beach [5 min walk] & main st [1 min walk] , but with all your facilities needed : pool , wifi , cable tv , clean mozzie proof rooms in a small boutique hotel .

DSCF0923 widescreen

the cab will be about 1500rps from anjuna to palolem , i think its about 100kl or so . if palolem is even half as good as northern goa i cannot wait ! anjuna as a base camp has been perfect  – only 1 other brit couple we met all week …. fantastic ! its mostly russian/eastern eu and indian with a few usa , some random eu like spanish or swedish or german , and the odd french accent . sellers presume we are russian talk to us in russian automatically so its easy to ignore the ones you want lol . it was busy enough to not feel dead , but no facility was too crowded – just perfect . the only slight thing is apart from one or two places at most each nite ,  anjuna can look like a ghost town after 10pm down main st at times , so head for the beach there are usually a couple of places ok for music late , like cafe lilleput or hippies bar etc on beach  . plus wherever is having its late party nite .


suprising cos anjuna is always a name id associated with electronic music and partying . you coud try ‘our shack’ or ‘bubble brunch’ in vagator who play house and tech house late so maybe consider these if wanting ‘club/dj’ type music , or ‘bardo’ in morjim if your mobile 😉  as usual , the day ended with an amazing sunset and we where only saying how spoilt each nite we are by the sunsets here . see my seperate post on electronic music and clubbing if you want more info on places to go in the area . tip: vagator has music stuff on late 😉


feel free to like , give feedback  , link videos to your social netoworks , correct any obvious mistakes or comment ….

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