goa trip – day 5 : corjuem fort aldona , abandoned railway blds , reflexology/massage vagator

goa trip – day 5

went to corjuem fort today , its an old fort long abandoned , remote , and 45mins to an hours ride on the bike from anjuna  , kind of via mapusa [pronounced mapsa] . cross the main highway road in mapusa and keep going inland sort of . search google maps for corjuem fort [ill also post some clear directions etc at end of this page] . its near aldona which is about 15 miles north east of baga [sort of] . sirigao creek station is nearby , and the fort is at the top of the nearest hill about 1 mile away . i know a few people have been wanting to see these pics so these is for you , enjoy 😉


what a great adventure passing thru all sorts of little villages.  people didnt speak english . theres no tourism . you cant change money . theres  petrol station tho along with obvious little roadside shops if you need water or stuff .  and there are some great photo ops nearby . first sirigao creek bridge and station is cool and is manned by a single guy who hand operates lifting the barriers on the crossing .


and when those heavy trains fly past , wow so many carriages and so fast . standing a few feet away the ground shakes !  check out the bloke hand winding the barrier from opp side later in video .

then just round the corner there is an absolutely giiiiiiii-normous old portugese abaonded railway warehouse that is open to explore . why it needed to be so strong or what its purpose was ive no idea . [update may 13 JoeGoaUk on indiamike.com forums has ID this as an old shipbuilders complex called Chowgule , quote “there existed a shipbuilding yard till 1992 belonging to the miner chowgules. The workers went on strike and that’s the end of it. It is now shifted to Loutolim, south Goa.” please also see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFEsQ47L8rw .


the warehouse is as long as a football pitch [click img for widescreen 180* shot]

DSCF1015-1 widescreen

the doors are open … well sort of , there are no doors actually . or windows [click for a widescreen pic]

DSCF1014 widescreen


something about this place is just so cool . maybe its the sheer size and thick concrete walls like a nuclear shelter


theres a portugese plaque on the wall outside for ‘comandante sormento rodrigues’ , but im not sure what some of it says .


inside is graffitid up and must be great to hang out if you where a kid !  


it backs onto crumbling bridges and a large lake.


be careful while looking up at the 30 ft high ceilings as there are also holes to basement sections which you could fall down .



its slowly being reclaimed by the jungle


nearby there are various railway bridges


further along the road youll find a simple old pagoda type of building


which overlooks another large lake covered with lillypads , quite idyllic.


and further again random old buildings that look unused now . this old security office was all smashed up


its next to what looks like an old bus stop with turnstiles , i guess it must have once been a busy area but it sure isnt now . who would even think of putting turnstiles on a small bus stop . and why are all goan bus stops built better than most of the houses ?!  the empty building next to it was maybe a shop but again ive seen families in goa living in worse places than this – like under 4 upright poles and a plastic sheet roof  . so why doesnt someone move in ?!


then you cross the aldona > corjuem wire cable suspended stay big bridge and the hill you see has the fort on top .




its compact , pretty deserted and you access it thru an old steel gate off a local road .


above the gates youll see the stone plaque


inside youll find a ramp in each corner to get you to the top of the fort walls ,




near the gate on an interior wall theres a shrine [to pray if you are under attack !]



right in the middle of the fort theres a dried up well that is really deep , at least 30-40 ft and nothing to stop you falling down … and nobody around to hear you cry for help !


and various old storerooms etc line one side .



and around 3 of the 4 walls with these kind of fortified strenthening arches



you can walk onto the top of the walls up the ramps



with a good view into the grounds incl shrine part .


and views of local area


on top of the walls on 2 corners youll find really well preserved turrets .



they are lovely and cool inside – they are so thick it stops the heat and is great shelter you from the sun !


this super widescreen shot from on top of the walls really shows the whole complex off incl the shrine , well and entrance . [click img for widescreen shot]

DSCF0997  widescreen

people must go there each day as footpaths inside look well trodden paths . access is easy in out . just watch out for that big old well in the centre apart from that there where no safety issues ! one person said it looks spooky in pics , but it didnt feel that way when there …  it was peacefeull and quiet and there was a small shop opposite .

later in the day we went to vagator beach , overlooking the beach is paradise restaurant , amazing views .


cheap food and drinks here . im not sure if it was korean or something , anyway sensational veggie spring rolls so damn tasty the filling is , and the batter isnt as thick as most others . ok its not filo pastry but its the best we had in goa.  . also 2 other chinese dishes , rice , drinks = 400rps ?! so cheap . they also had cheap huts for rent too . they looked really really cheap !



while in vagator the mrs couldnt resist another spa session there as reflexology in previous post was so good. she went for full body massage this time for 1.5 hrs . 800rps .  again claiming its the best shes had even beating thailand . its a place 2 or 3 doors along from fusion restaurant and the thalassa greek . all the staff had photo certs for massage training and she liked the fact girls did it [bearing in mind the indian boys are proper perv’s lol]. it was in another league to the dirty ‘oil rubbers’ on the beach !
back for sunset on anjua beach


it is always entertaining ….the usual herds of cows


people doing yoga , even a young jiu jitsu team training in the gi’s .


the beach isnt busy and there are seats for everyone .


‘dum biryani’ on starco junction anjuna beach for indian tonite… great massala popadoms


chicken kebab , jafrezzi vegggie , dahl fry , steamed rice and tasty garlic and cheese naan , fairly decent meal .


a few beers , strong cocktails and red vinos . total bill was only 1200 . what an awesome day – we are loving goa


how to find the things in corjuem / sirigao etc . note these links are centred on location . you can change map types [satellite , road map , google , bing by clicking on map types .


railway warehouse

sirigao station

pagoda / lake

feel free to like , share , give feedback  , link videos to your social networks , correct any obvious mistakes or comment ….

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5 Responses to goa trip – day 5 : corjuem fort aldona , abandoned railway blds , reflexology/massage vagator

  1. I translate the last early 18th-century inscription: “This island was annexed to the State being his viceroy Sir Caetano de Melo e Castro …”. The Fort is stunning, in size and good preservation!
    Rafael Moreira

  2. Rafael Moreira – May 10, 2013
    The plaque in the abandoned concrete warehouse (?) says in Portuguese: “Aos 7 de Setembro de 1952 / LANÇADA A PRIMEIRA PEDRA POR / Sua Excia. O Ministro do Ultramar / Comandante Sarmento Rodrigues /NO GOVERNO DE / S. Excª o Comandante Quintanilha e Mendonça Dias” (“September 7 1952, first stone was led by H.E. the Ministry of Overseas Commander Sarmento Rodrigues, in the government of H.E. Commander Quintanilha e Mendonça Dias.”, Fernando of his first name, govern. 1948-52.
    On Fort Aldona, the beautiful and very well preserved stone plaque above the gates says, under a Portuguese coat-of-arms: “ESTA ILHA SE ANEXOV / AO ESTADO SENDO VISO REI DELE / O — SENHOR CAETANO DE MELO / DE CASTRO E— (other 2 lines illegible because of dried herbs)”. Caetano de Melo e Castro was viceroy from 1702 to 1707.

  3. Nick Marshall says:

    this is all really relevant to us. we’re staying at Ozran Heights next to Fusion (where my wife got what we think is food poisoning from the Kingfish…beware!). my wife was wondering about the massage shack, you’ve sold it too us. I’m also into exactly the same music so this is a great read.

    cheers and keep up the good work!


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