goa trip – day 4 : anjuna , bean me up vagator , hippies bar

goa trip – day 4

started the day with familiar trip to moonstar. for a change got an english breakfast . hash browns where potatos in brown sauce – strange . advised on what hash browns actually where . mrs had beans on toast , came with peppers mixed in ! its a goan thing i guess ! they do have a great selection of teas there . cheap too and free wifi . its the north end of anjuna on the front . the apple porridge is still the one tho – mmmmmmm . overlooking the beach this section of anjuna is a series of rock pools unlike the rest of the sandy beach , and lots of crabs and little fish are in these rock pools  . when the tide is out right opposite ‘moonstar’ theres a near perfect natural circular rock pool formation . it looks like some sort of volcanic thing they way the rock has bubbled and cooled into the series of smaller rock pools … theres some fortean explanation im sure  .


took a day round the pool today , another amazing sunny day ….


we stayed at the spazio leisure resort hotel , just near oxford supermarket /starco juntion – a great little boutique resort thats spotlessly clean resport with comfy beds , nice pool , wifi and cable tv . take a super widescreen 270* view  [click img]

DSCF0923 widescreen

during the afternoon went for lunch to a fantastic organic all veggie place called ‘bean me up’ . loved the name !!!


its a classy casual place in anjuna/vagator with a jungly tree courtyard kind of layout. quite large too . to get there from starco junction anjuna .  it takes 1-2 mins on a bike from north anjuna main rd/beach approach rd …. go up starco’s T junction rd that keeps climbing all the way up the hill till  …. go past several restaurants on left , and oxford supermarket , past spazio hotel , past vagator turnoff and police station , past the school on your right , over speedbumps up to x-roads at crest of hill . turn right – theres a local restaurant on corner . about 200m down there youll see the new sign on the right hand side with logo and name on it .


got light snacks of tofu  falaffels , and bruschetta on brown crunchy bread with olive paste . organic ginger tea and pinneaple juice refreshed us. highly recommended visiting this unique place and had excellent service aswell. varied different great menu . if you like fresh quality organic veggie food this is a MUST DO . awesome tastes and high quality juices like bcc’s abc’s obc’s and every other combo imaginable.  [only ‘blue planet’ in agonda would later be comparible to this for veggie food on our travels] .


even the shake is served with a bamboo type straw , not plastic .


tip : red dust – maaaaaan this red dust gets eveywhere. dont bother with anything like white canvas shoes or converse. makes your nails and feet rotten too . its a battle to keep clean at times lol.

later on we did noodle dishes on the beach for sunset at hippie bar anjuna beach , 180rps for chicken , 150rps veggie. bargain . its north anjuna beach area by the church which looks so gothic at night !


we have found hippies bar on the beach has great house music and no admission charge – deep & techy and not commercial or trance –  true dj music . it is open like this each day , and they have their party nite on fridays [i think] .  each bar along the front shares nites where they are allowed to run the music past 11pm [uv bar tues  , curlies sun etc] .



later got some grilled corn off a street seller laced with chilli and lime later on from outside curlies on the end of the main rd path – so tasty 40rps each and a free toothpick lmao . he is there every day from late afternoon till late oclock with his exploding charcoals and corn !


cant spend money out here , even eating out 3 times a day and drinking every night .

feel free to like , give feedback  , link videos to your social netoworks , correct any obvious mistakes or comment ….

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