goa trip – day 3 : arambol , wagh colomb beach , mudbaths , sweet lake, banyan tree , basilico

goa trip – day 3

started the day with a second trip to ‘moonstar’ on north end anjuna beach front for porridge and teas and salads which are freshly prep using filtered water . then we went to arambol – took about 30 mins ride from anjuna . roads where quiet and great to drive . the moped drive was pretty easy and straight forward , keeping the sea to one side you get a good n/s general direction . or take a hand held sat nav like me , it gets you to such random places all over the world . load the india maps … and go . i use ‘igo’ programme on an unlocked ‘fujitsu pocket loox n100’ ,  its 2.7″ screen is pocket size tiny , and gets at least 5 hours battery or more with screen turned down !


took in amazing sights and smells along the way . once you look past the cows and dangers in the road youll see everything on the side of the roads from extreme poverty , people burning or dumping rubbish , and guys just blatantly standing there with it all on show taking a slash without a care in the world right on the roadside . forgive me for not inserting a pic at this point 😉

acid house smilie

got to the beach and …indians are pervs lol – taking pics of anything light skinned and showing flesh , and blatantly staring in all the wrong ways . 


youll see the usual cows aswell as the pervs ! the cows dont surf , they just hang out . they are friendly … and always hungry and willing to take your own food !


heres a super widescreen 270* shot [click image for the full fat version]


from arambol beach we walked north , round the headland for 10 minutes or so thru various seaside stalls and past loats of huts till we reached the next small bay called ‘wagh colomb beach’ aka tiger beach . suprised hippies used to bump into the odd tiger here way back . the huts where priced 400rps  p/n even in december – a great price if on an extreme budget or backpacking .


from the end of the shacks you can use the ‘sweet lake’ . just walk thru the clearing centre of beach [as seen above] .


if you go inland into the jungle , and follow the hilly trekking trail for 10 minutes you can get to the mudbaths which was really funny covering each other from head to toe in muddy clay  . i wont upload a pic looking like stig of the dump . another 15 minutes trekking into the jungle gets you to the massive banyan tree . you can follow the well trodden pathways , occasionally getting a wrong turn till you hear voices in the middle of nowhere . take mozzie spray we got a  few nice bites at 3pm . just kind of follow your senses and nose and youll get there .


youll find people praying ,


smoking , sharing fruit and drinks etc


all under a massive scared banyan tree with a central circular fire pit .


[id say the best thing to do would be the mudbaths on the return from the banyan tree and finish it off in the sweet lake] . its a hot sweaty hike thru small hilly paths youll need a certain amount of fitness in that heat , although it isnt really too hard – i even did it in bare feet [looking out for scorpions and spiders lol. and snakes !] . overlooking the sweet lake beach , people where paragliding from the top of the hill but we didnt have time to do this . definitely another day ill be beack to revisit the paragliding . [GO TO POST ‘DAY 6’ FOR PARAGLIDING DAY PICS N AWESOME VIDEO!!]

arambol was very travellery , a lot more so than anjuna . lots of little shops and fruit sellers and people of all nationalities . the beach had lots of shacks to eat drink and wifi . it was all good .


the where lots of sun loungers , from 8 a shack up to about 15 , but the sand was good enough for us to use . we hung out away from the pervs behind a couple of boats ! the sand was a lot softer and whiter than anjuna and vagator . we got a great 40rps charcoal grilled corn on the cob as we left the beach that was lime and chilli optional – mmmm so tasty . kid was only 10 years old who was grilling on the roadside next to beach .


came back to anjuna for the evening and went to ‘Basilico’ italian in anjuna , one block from starco T junction on central anjuna main road . probably the best service we have had so far and the food was great too altough they did one get one order wrong . we got spinach and ricotta canelloni , and a lasagne – both fresh and made to order and nicely baked . garlic focaccia started us off which could have been much better , not much oil and garlic , but once we added a few large kingfisher beers to wash it down it was ok !!!!  mains where 350rps . got to say foods been great , no illness so far .

that nite we went to curlies for the football , was pretty packed out with mostly indian men mostly . you can see espn and star sports in a lot of places and loads of the premiership games are live ie sky tv . dj played some kind of ok house stuff at times but it had odd russian vocals and everything sounded like it was 2 years old tunewise . at times it was all very bizarre , and he couldnt mix either [even using a laptop he still couldnt mix – amateur] . after that we went to eatopia for more footy and drinks . the cocktails sucked there got a cosmo and a long island ice tea , but got served some variant on a mojito and a cosmo made with flat lemonade then shaken to death ? rejected them and took 2 kingfishers instead. defied belief really . action packed amazing day apart from the 3 or 4 mozzie bites in the jungle which itch like a bitch . tiger balm and sunsets please !


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4 Responses to goa trip – day 3 : arambol , wagh colomb beach , mudbaths , sweet lake, banyan tree , basilico

  1. Krystal says:

    Thanks for this post- my bf and I are traveling Asia right now, and found this post planning our trip to Goa next week! I am also writing a blog of our adventures, please feel free to check it out.

    Keep it up.


  2. tharobster says:

    all good .lots more stuff on that area in my blog too – parties beaches places and food in goa . cheers for feedback and have a great trip !

  3. Puneet says:

    Awesome Stuff Man !!! Very Very Helpful as am planning a trip in Mid March !! Great Work, All d best !!

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