4 comments on “goa 6th december 2012- 6th february 2013

  1. Hi ‘tharobster’ – I am planning out honeymoon in Goa from the 10th of December to the 19th of December. We will stay in Mumbai for 2 nights, then 7 nights in Goa, probably in the South – Agonda. I want to book only the firts 2-3 days in Goa in advance, then see book the rest when we see nice places. Is this advisable regarding availability? Would appreciate your comments. Cheers.

    • congratulations to you both ! you can do that , or book in advance . availability will be ok you will not be without a room – but you might not get your first choice a week before xmas . if it is your honeymoon to relieve stress why not book in advance ? try asking tripadvisor goa forum for recommendations , youll usually find h2o , dunhills , and white sands are most popular usual hotels mentioned if that is within your budgets . best of luck for the big day ;-)

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