goa trip – day 2 : anjuna beach , baga mackies night market , poco loco

goa trip – day 2

people said the roads where bad but i found them ok . typical of what ive found in other asian coutries . but they drive on the right so its even easier in goa . lots are lit and most have street signs.


the main road from airport was great . apart from dogs and cows everywhere there where few problems driving on local roads . speedbumps where marked most times and there where few potholes . i was expecting worse . very few wear helmets around the village roads we didnt bother all day and had no problems from the 5-0 . after dark would be a different story tho , you really need to stay alert to dogs goats and cows wandering at night – they are everywhere .

here is the average goan traffic jam ;-)

hitting a black cow at night with no helment would be a holiday changer for sure !

did north end of anjuna and above yesterday so decided to go to southern end today . nicest sandy part . ate brunch at shore bar anjuna. tipped by an other tripadvisor user STalex for having good music . kind of cool ibiza feel with white walls , coloured furniture and cool music . bit of an average chicken baquette  , forgetful service and a waitress who didnt really speak any english . music was good cool eclectic tunes , not trance like a lot of anjuna . but then there was a power cut that you get quite often in goa , so when the music stopped we left !



heres a super widescreen 180* view [click image] from shore bar .

DSCF0802-1 widescreen

the busiest places where curlies and shiva valley at the far end . beach wasnt busy and there where sunbeds if you wanted them . some had 5 beds , some had more . curlies has 25 +- perhaps this is why it was so busy .

hung out @ five five bar for a while on the free 2nd floor bamboo tower daybed structures they built . great spot to chill . mango and strawberry lassies and naan and poppadom snacks 320rps.




clubwise the nine bar vagator had trance dj’s on from 4pm till midnight . hilltop vagator was also open with russian dj’s .these are big venues dont let the low key front fool you . ie 9 bar has a 3000 capacity and is carved out of the cliff face !


in the evening we biked it to baga – guetta was on . to say baga roads where busy would an understatement. really insane traffic. that combined with the sunset and the makies night market all at same time ensured chaos ! bikes cops jetskis and banana boats cows buses and broken down cars it was all on the roads ! talk about roadblock for miles . this is one of the guetta car parks , and the venue in action about 6pm .

had mexican in poco loco in the evening – we love mexican , specifically went for this place and it was just ok mexican . its hardly authentic mexican , both ate the fajitas and burritos , plus throw in a cocktail and large kingfisher beer it was a  920 bill plus 4 lots of taxes took it to 1170 . just ok service , ok food , but more expensive that other places and those stealth taxes really add up and pad the bill . If you go expecting basic tex mex you wont be dissapointed . but we have eaten in several mexican areas and this is nothing like proper mexican . we had better mex in ingos market !

after here 200m down the road is mackies saturday night market which was absolutely packed , all stalls had so many people , everyone eating too.  [its not necessarily the best market as there is ingos on a saturday close by , plus the amazing wednesday day/evening anjuna market . entrance is free ] .


everything from watches to clothing , and spices to magic remedies could be bought .


all tables where taken watching the live bands – some good some ‘cruise ship’ awful .

mrs got reflexology in vagator @ ASNATH , said it was better than thailand !


weather was slightly overcast with very light scattered cloud untill midday then it was clear and sunny . mosquitos are everywhere grrr .

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