goa trip – day 1 : anjuna beach , siolim – chiapora – vagator , sonic

goa trip – day 1

‘moonstar’ anjuna for brunch  – we had apple porridge , walnut salad , garlic naan, ginger & lemon tea, english tea, mint tea , strwaberry milkshake = 400rps + tip . we both had really nice food on the front overlooking the sea . great service , free wifi . whle we where eating a coconut fell off the tree and smashed thru the new tiled roof … i already knew it would be an exciting holiday in goa !


‘sunset bar’ anjuna  – kingfisher beers on the cliffs for the sunset . small beers 60rps , kingfishers small in local ‘oxford supermarket’ in anjuna are 30rps . great first sunset !


evening meal  @ ‘sonic’  anjuna . chicken tandoori , fried dal , vege biryani , cream dip , vegge  pakora platter as starter [battered cauliflower onion pepper and potato] . cosmopolitan & margharitas to drink . food was great , cocktails where okay .

hired a moped from hotel for 250rps p/d so we could get our bearings . couldve got 50 cheaper maybe but it was convenience and a decent bike . december 2012 is an expensive time to be doing anything re taxi hotels bike prices . petrol on moped cost 55.7 p/l  for petrol [or 50 for diesel] .


went hopping along the cost on our  moped to chiapora  , siolim , vagator etc . past little ports , rivers , wood yards


and chiapora town centre where they would gather in shelter from the sun to play cards


even saw a ‘sea eagle’ (?) swoop down into a small port in chiapora and catch a big fish .


heres a video clip of the ride from siolim to anjuna starco junction va chiapora and vagator [the back roads route]

clubbing wise of you like trance hilltop club had a 4pm start on a trance party , and nine bar [9 bar] vagator had  trance party on too . both are in vagator



asked in local shop about vodapphone sim card it wasa  6 day wait while it is ordered , didnt bother as lots of wifi is free in shacks and bars etc and our hotels have it too . you can get sim cards immediately for premium in some places ie in candolim etc at the elephant shop . fairly quiet in anjuna so pounced on by most sellers in shops / rests .  a lot of russians and backackers and travellers in anjuna , and met no brits which made us feel away fom it all back home  .

anjuna a long beach with north and south quite diff . south is all sandy by curlies and shiva .


the middle – in middle is the huuuuge wedesday flea market area [not actually on beach but on land adjacent] . when the market isnt on its a field of bamboo frames !

DSCF0802-1 widescreen shot [click image]

whereas towards north end has lots of rockpools to explore . there is almost a huge circular natural rock formation you can see when the tide is out [right opp moonstar restaurant shack] .


all of that is a whole day out for sure . here is a video taken from shore bar , middle of bay , anjuna . there was a little bit of what looked like slight oil marks in the sand just near that bar only but nowhere else on the bay …. dont let it put you off !

food so cheap it feels like theft ! cows and stray dogs everywhere . lots of mosquitos too but the deet kept them from biting . temp was 33* according to tv . great weather and sunset . most days from here on show 37* .  perfect first day . 




feel free to like , give feedback  , link videos to your social netoworks , correct any obvious mistakes or comment ….

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8 Responses to goa trip – day 1 : anjuna beach , siolim – chiapora – vagator , sonic

  1. Mouffcat says:

    Many thanks Robster, I have printed off your complete (invaluable) blog as my boyfriend and I will be in North Goa as of 3 February 2013 and we are going to use it as a guide.

  2. Alan says:

    Finding your blog an excellent source for reference as we will be going to northern Goa in 3 weeks time.

  3. GMT says:

    Enjoyed, great photos and video, looking forward to the rest.

  4. Jyoti says:

    Reliving a Goan holiday (yours or mine or anybody else’s) is always wonderful… thanks much for taking the trouble to post…..

  5. Angela cooper says:

    Thanks for sharing ,wonderfull photos and blog page .

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